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Mike Shinoda rediscovered love of instrumental music with 'Dropped Frames' project

Credit: Anna Shinoda

Linkin Park‘s Mike Shinoda will release the third album in his Dropped Frames solo series this Friday. The project consists of mostly instrumental songs Shinoda creates during his daily Twitch livestreams with fans.

As Shinoda tells ABC Audio, making Dropped Frames albums not only helps him stay connected with his fans, but also helped him rediscover his own love of instrumental music.

“I didn’t realize how much instrumental music I actually listen to until I started to make these things,” Shinoda shares. “Ever since I was in high school, listening to…The Beatles and Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, there are long stretches of instrumental music in there.”

Though all the Dropped Frames music comes from the same source, Shinoda hopes each album feels like its own, separate entity.

“I’m putting them together in a way where they hopefully aesthetically or conceptually connect, so that they feel like an album,” Shinoda says.

Dropped Frames, Vol. 3 comes after Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 dropped in July. Shinoda hopes to release a new installment each month, though he notes that nothing’s set in stone.

“I’ve been really trying to go with the flow and just see where momentum leads me,” he says. “I’m in a bit of an experimentation phase to see what things are interesting to me and what things feel good and feel like the right thing to do in the moment.”

By Josh Johnson
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