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Adele’s “Hello” sang in the style of Green Day

Okay, before you freak out on me and say “THERE’S A THOUSAND PLUS 5 VERSIONS OF ADELE’S ‘HELLO!”… I’m gonna say I know… but this one is actually, really good! Dare I say, even better than the original?! Why yes it is! If you’re unfamiliar w/ Anthony Vincent, he’s the guy that can sing one song 25 different ways. He’s ... Read More »

The Arcs new song “Young” releasing on Record Store Day 11/27

Dan Auerbach’s one busy mo-fo! Producing Cage The Elephants new album, wrapping up The Black Key’s Turn Blue Tour then dropping a whole new album with his other band “The Arcs”. How does one find the time?! Well, some where in between being awesome and sleeping, The Arcs had time to do a few more new tracks they’ll release on Black Friday ... Read More »