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Lollapalooza’s Highlights for Twenty One Pilots

If this video doesn’t get you pumped to watch Twenty One Pilots SOLD OUT show in October, you’re probably not one of the MILLIONS of people who are ALL ABOUT the duo. Check out their behind-the-scenes highlight video from Lollapalooza and PS. that crowd looks insane. Hats off to ANYONE that can get on stage and perform for that many people…. ... Read More »

Glass Animals do a double cover “Gold Lime”

One of my favorite discoveries of 2015 right next to Bully and Wolf Alice. I’m talking Glass, mother effing Animals. (They should just change their name to that now that I’m thinking about it.) They’ve been lighting up festival stages all summer long gaining fans left and right. Their album ‘Zaba’ is what I call “Waterbed in the jungle, baby ... Read More »

NSFW Red-Band Trailer for Deadpool!

I’m pretty sure everyone is going to be touching themselves after this Red Band Trailer that is SOOOOOO NOT SAFE FOR WORK… But that’s besides the point! The Deadpool movie is getting closer and closer which seemed like a dream years ago. Ryan Reynolds stars as the merc with the mouth and will be hitting theaters in February 12th, 2016. It’s going ... Read More »

Ferrell Takes The Field: 10 Teams, 1 Will

Think back to sometime in March this past year. Remember when Will Ferrell decided it would be a good idea to play for 10 teams during Spring Training? Well we finally get to see his entire day edited down into one documentary called, “Ferrell Takes the Field”. The special is to help raise funds for several cancer-fighting charities but still ... Read More »

Watch George Ezra float away in “Barcelona”

  George Ezra and his guitar lose themselves in a jungle/forest environment in his new song “Barcelona”. Surprisingly, he didn’t make the trip to Barcelona to film the video, instead, he went to Cornwall’s Eden Project. (Which looks pretty rad if you check out their website.) Watch him float away at the end and let me know what you think… – ... Read More »

The Force is strong with Japan

There’s something so mesmerizing about Japan. Their fashion, their music… their creative artwork displayed in rice fields.. That sort of thing. Well once a year, in a village in Japan called Aomori Prefecture’s Inakadate, they honor their cultural history and artistic skills. This year, they must have been feeling “The Force” strong within them to design a Star Wars The Force Awakens rice field, complete ... Read More »