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Mod Sun chronicles the “rebirth of the rock star” with new deluxe album

Credit: @thatsnathanjames

Mod Sun has released a deluxe version of his album Internet Killed the Rockstar. The expanded collection features a number of bonus tracks — including an acoustic version of his hit Avril Lavigne collaboration, “Flames,” as well as several brand-new songs — which Mod feels turns the deluxe into a whole other album.

Mod tells ABC Audio the bonus tracks aren’t just leftover songs from the original album sessions.

“I didn’t want to be, like, ‘Well, these are the songs that didn’t make the record,'” Mod says. “I was, like, ‘I want to actually go now and create some things for this deluxe, special.'”

One of those things turned out to be a tune Mod calls “one of my best songs.”

“It’s an incredible song,” he says. “I’m going all out with it.”

Mod also feels that the added tunes provide an extra layer to the Internet Kill the Rockstar “darker” story of “breakup songs, sad songs [and] revenge songs.”

“Towards the end of the album, you start to see a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel,” Mod explains. “This deluxe is actually the bright-side version.”

While the original Internet Killed the Rockstar was, in a fitting nod to its title, a digital-only release, the deluxe is getting the full physical treatment with CD and vinyl editions. Mod wants the deluxe to feel like an album that would’ve been released during the glory days of pop-punk.

“I’m gonna really give this deluxe the full layout of what an album would’ve looked like if you did drop it in 2005,” Mod says. “There’s nothing more I want to do than that.”

“I’ve made my statement with Internet Killed the Rockstar,” he adds. “Now it’s about the rebirth of the rock star.”

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