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Mom with a Blog: Here goes nothing!


Well… here goes nothing. Hi! To be blunt, a lot of people got pregnant during this pandemic. “Quarantine Baby” has become a term widely tossed around- whether you planned it or not. Not a week would go by without another girl you knew from high school announcing her growing family. If you’re reading this- it very well could have been you doing one of those posts. I’m guilty of it!

That brings us here. The part where the baby is actually here. I gave birth to my son during a pandemic. Where masks are required, no visitors, one person allowed to be with me and you’re not allowed to leave the room to even get water. Not what I imagined when I family planned years ago and even when I found out in June that I was pregnant- most people thought the pandemic would soon be ending. HAH.

Things really could have been worse though. Despite the national tragedies happening on the outside, my personal journey through the year worked out good enough. I was able to work from home for my entire pregnancy which made things easier in some retrospecs but made others more difficult. Presently, I’ve “returned” from maternity leave a month after giving birth but have been able to work out being home longer to continue to be with my son. I am so grateful for ALT-AZ allowing me to do this.




So that’s some background but I really haven’t told you why we are here. As a new mom, I have found that networking is the most helpful thing you can do. Networking with other moms is the only way to get the actual support you need. Hubby can try all he wants but at the end of the day, it’s going to frustrating to try and explain all the emotions and physical toll of childbirth, breastfeeding and recovery.

Fellow mothers can not only provide you with the words  of encouragement you need to hear but also (when asked for-) some advice that gets to the nitty gritty. Someone venting about how they have another blister on their nipple doesn’t want to hear about the joys of raising your kid and  how “worth it” it is. They would rather hear what product helped with the pain, a way to prevent the blister from forming, and then some sort of compliment for their hard work. This blog is here to do that. Just keep it real about my experience with motherhood. Ups and downs without glamorizing it- to be warned, I am a little “extra” in my personality though.

I love finding new and progressive ways to teach my baby skills and products that are environmentally friendly and baby approved. What good is wisdom if you don’t share it with others.

Thanks for making it to the end of the boring introduction! Looking forward to not only sharing some stories but hearing them too. Message me anytime on Instagram (@Kaciejelly) anytime!


Bye, Friends!