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Mom with a Blog: The road so far

If you’re picking this up for the first time. Hi! Let’s get you up to speed.(Skip if you’re privy to previous articles.) I’m Kacie. I moved to Arizona a touch before the pandemic and started on ALT AZ 93.3 just in time for the world to shut down. While the world is shut down, I not only got pregnant but also had my baby because everytime we thought it was over- it wasn’t.

Currently the world is somewhere between active and shut down with people split more than ever and tensions really flaring. A year and a half ago, it’s not where I thought we’d be by now to be honest. It was clearly naive of me but raising my baby in this version of reality is coming as a surprise and tricky to navigate.

Because my life likes to stay spicy, I got thrown my first new mom test with Shiloh when we noticed he had a rather dramatic flat skull on one side, plagiocephaly. It turned out to be less of a big deal than we thought with an easy way to fix it. But easy doesn’t mean cheap and it doesn’t mean quick. The best way to target his problems would be with both physical therapy to heal the muscles and using a DocBand to correct the shape. To read about plagiocephaly and getting his introduction to DocBand, CLICK HERE.

Photography by: Anjeanette Photography

If you’re all caught up, start here!

It’s been two months with Shiloh’s DocBand treatment. We haven’t missed a beat. He has been keeping up with his 23 hour-wear schedule so well that we actually forget to do the one-hour off sometimes. Whoops! The weekly appointments are now at a temporary pause because… it’s time for band #2! Yep, he has already grown out of his DocBand! Giving him solids started a huge growth spurt, which is great because the pediatrician wanted him out of the 0% percentile AND that means we got to see a lot of progress really quickly.

He was an all-star patient, I have to say! The crew at Cranial Technologies loved him- though I’m sure they make every patient feel that way. They are so sweet with the babies, have quick response times if you have questions and always squeezed us in for an extra helmet readjustment when we needed it during his growth spurts!

Last week it was time to get a new set of scans and see them next to his original ones. I have them pictured below. Can I just say, WOW!





A clear, noticeable difference in the shape of the skull and facial symmetry. That’s not all that is clear. He does need a second helmet. But we were told that at the beginning so no surprises other than how quick the change could be seen. It gave me affirmation that I’m doing the right thing. So here we go again through the same process as before with the insurance and the paying- blah, blah, blah.

Next steps are continuing the same treatment plan BUT we get to do appointments every two weeks instead of every week! Yay, more time for mom to get work done for once! Shiloh has also since been discharged from PT and no longer needs weight checks at the doctor so my week is finally more of what I pictured when I set up my work schedule.

Not that things were bad, but CHEERS to better times being around the corner! Shiloh will have 3-4 more months with the DocBand and soon it will seem like a glitch in time. I’m hoping as Shiloh has turned this corner, that the outer world will follow suit.

Be kind, be safe, be cool.


KACIEBye, Friends!