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Mo’s Top 5 Horror Movie Remakes

halloween pumpkin

A LOT of remakes are terrible. ESPECIALLY scary movies. There’s probably a longer list of the top terrible remakes than there are actual good ones. Since we’re nearing Halloween, I figure this is the week to get all the good Halloween movie remakes in. Here’s my top 5….

5. Amittyville Horror

Ryan Reynolds in 2005 was mainly known for his hilarious movies like “Waiting” and “Van Wilder” so it came as a surprise to see him take a more serious, creepier role. Plus it doesn’t hurt to see Ryan chopping wood with his shirt off… (I’ll help you chop that wood Ryan…)

4. The Hills Have Eyes

When a family decides to take a road trip through the ever-so-scenic deserts of New Mexico, they stumble across some folks that were affected by some nuclear testing done a while back… Now they’re being attacked by em. They paid homage to the original quite well. Makes me not ever want to travel in the desert… alone at least.

3. Halloween

I couldn’t have been more excited to see Rob Zombie’s version of Halloween when it came out. One: Because I knew he was a huge fan and Two: It’s Rob *Expletive Deleted* Zombie! He did so well on this one, he also remade the second Halloween movie. Check out the trailer below.

2. Evil Dead

Holy. Evil. Cabins. I was sooooo skeptical on this movie. Remaking Evil Dead was a mistake in my book because in my mind, there was NO WAY you could recreate nor top the original. Turns out I was so wrong. This remake done by Fede Alvarez paid tribute to the original, with the fast movie camera through the woods to tree branches wrapping themselves in and around their victim. It gets real graphic and real good.

1.Dawn Of The Dead

Dawn Of The Dead re-introduced the idea of faster moving zombies. Nothing made me more scared than knowing I could never outrun these zombies. The best part about this movie is the action picks up quick and doesn’t really slow down. At least for me, I was always on edge. Check out the trailer below but honestly, you should check out the movie if ya haven’t yet. -Mo!