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Move over Fidget Spinner… there’s some new toys in town on Nerdgasm News!

The Jammer


Move over fidget spinners, there’s a new toy in town

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It seems like every kid and (adult kid) has one of those fidget spinners. You hold them in between in your thumb and middle finger then watch it spin away… but it could be a thing of the past now thanks to “The Jammer”. The Jammer is a small, wooden roller that you can flip and roll on surfaces and do a ton of tricks with. In fact, they’re a lot like tech decks from back in the day, except for the fact that it’s just a simple piece of wood vs. a mini skate deck. It does however come in 2 colors and is only 10 bucks, so if you’d rather play with wood vs. a metal spinner, here’s your chance.

The Nokia 3310 is making a comeback!

I know there’s a number of you that are sick of your smart phone and miss the good ol’ days of simple phones. Well Nokia has heard your cries of technology pain and is throwin it back by re-releasing their 3310 phones. If you don’t remember which ones those are, it’s the mini Nokia phone that fit in the palm of your hand with a simple digital screen and your typical keypad for dialing and texting. It will still be the same old simple phone you used to love but with a few upgrades, like a revamped digital version of Snake, it’s smaller, lighter and slimmer plus a curved screen display. I used to have mine all tricked out with flashing lights whenever the phone rang or I get a text message, it was almost like a phone rave and now I’m kind of hoping that comes back too! The phones have already been launched in the UK and will soon have a US release date.