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Muse earns ‘Billboard’ chart first with “Won’t Stand Down”

Sergione Infuso/Corbis via Getty Images

Muse “Won’t Stand Down” from the top of the Billboard charts.

The lead single from the U.K. trio’s upcoming album Will of the People has hit number one on the Mainstream Rock Airplay ranking, making it the first Muse song to achieve that feat. Matt Bellamy and company previously peaked at number two on the chart in 2016 with “Reapers.”

That “Won’t Stand Down” is the Muse song that finally pulled them to the top of Mainstream Rock Airplay probably isn’t too much of a surprise, since it boasts one of the band’s heaviest-ever guitar riffs.

Muse has previously hit number one on Billboard‘s Alternative Airplay chart five times. “Won’t Stand Down” peaked at number three on that tally.

Will of the People, the ninth Muse album, drops August 26. It also includes the previously released song “Compliance.”

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