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Music is accessible to everyone at the Rock It Up series


If you had to guess what someone was complaining about- what would it be? Probably something about how something is so much more expensive than it was last year. But you’re not wrong. It is.

We can’t fix that. Sorry. But we can offer you the chance to still see great live music without the crazy ticket price because we really belief music is for everyone.

This is where our Rock It Up concert series comes in. Thanks to Dustin and our team with Tempe Marketplace we have been able to bring together a string of artists to put on a set of FREE shows!


These shows require no ticket. Check the poster for information. Once doors open, it’s first come first serve as there is a capacity limit to the space. We have brought some amazing artists to the Tempe Marketplace District Stage in the past such as Mod Sun, IDKHOW, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and more! I always suggest planning to at least be at Tempe Marketplace a touch before doors to scope out if there is going to be a line problem. If a line hasn’t formed yet, walk around, shop, grab some food or drinks until it’s time.

Drinks will be available for purchase inside the venue area so if you want one, make sure you bring your ID, they will check it at the door.

Viewing for the stage is pretty good. You can get close to it in a “floor” like area or stand back towards the bar and merch if you prefer more space. There is also elevated viewing with a another little bar to access thanks to Dave N’ Busters.


*We open with some fun local acts and then our headliner, show normally ends around 10pm for anyone who might need a babysitter.*

There is one more show left for the spring series of Rock It Up. It’s Saturday, May 5th with Nothing Nowhere!

After we close out this series you can absolutely expect MORE. We do this a couple times a year. Listen to ALT AZ 93.3 to stay in the know about our totally free concerts!



Bye, Friends!