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My 8 favorite spots in the valley


Oh the places we’ll go!

We don’t have to go far. The valley is home to some incredible art, music, food, nature and the list goes on. In a time where everyone wants more and want to go somewhere, there is something to be said about loving the town you’re in.

Have you been out to explore since the pandemic? When you feel comfortable to, it’s time to give love back to your town. Investing in your town is important! Especially if you’re someone that says “there isn’t enough to do here.” New places don’t come to where old places weren’t supported. Whether you’re a drinker, an eater, a spender or a walker I’ve got something that should blow up your skirt.

1. Botanical Gardens

Arizona is home to many botanical gardens and in the valley, you’re going to find some of the best! East or west, you have one nearby but at some point you have to make it to the Desert Botanical Gardens for their lightshow around the holidays! Here are my top three.

Screen Shot 2021-07-01 at 12.08.44 PM

Glendale Xeriscape Garden:

This one is close to my house but there are xeriscapes all over the valley.


Japanese Friendship Garden:

Screen Shot 2021-07-01 at 12.07.46 PM


I like this one for the beautiful aesthetic. You’ll see when you go! A very relaxing vibe



Butterfly Wonderland:Screen Shot 2021-07-01 at 12.09.59 PM


Not a botanical garden exactly but I say it counts. So many gorgeous colors.



A7F4B136-D9C3-4C2C-90E7-2CC798C611D12. Roosevelt Street

A whole street? Yep.

If you’ve been on Roosevelt Street, I’m sure you know why this is on the list! From the street art to the shops, what isn’t there to love? Great for tourists to pull through and still just as fun for someone who lives here. There is a lot of fun you can get into on Roosevelt street. Swing in by Matt’s Big Breakfast or Snooze AM Eatery for some brunch, follow it with a walk through the art district and finish it off with lunch at LOLA or ice cream from Fatty Daddy’s! If you make through the day, kick off the night with Cobra Arcade Bar.


IMG_42873. Papago Park

If the outdoors are calling to you, it’s never a bad idea to stroll papago park! You can reach new heights with a few trails, check out some ponds, shrubbery, and a fan favorite, Hole in a Rock.

Bring your lunch and snag one of the tables around papago park for a mid-afternoon outing with the family. You’ll be close to a lot of the other fun things Phoenix has to offer so it can quickly turn into a full day of fun ideas.


18A7E9CB-7C1E-4CF7-97FC-DA37CE3B5D11 24. The Van Buren

The Van Buren is my favorite music venue! The intimacy, the location, the FOOD- it’s all great. They also get some great acts into that little concert hall. It’s a venue you want to show up when doors open for because their patio is a great spot to have pre-show drink and plate of jackfruit fries!

Want to go off menu? Right next door is Ziggy’s Pizza! Not only do they have incredible pizza but they have a speakeasy too… can you find it? 😉

The Van Buren can shut up and take all my money.


IMG_69525. The Social on 83rd

Up on the west side, we actually have a whole scene of our own, believe it or not! People call Peoria “west Jesus nowhere” which makes me feel like they haven’t ever been in town.

In the P83 Plaza there is The Social on 83rd. My favorite place to bring friends who come in town. It’s perfectly themed with a sophistication that’s affordable. The happy hour deal is great, the drink are unique, the staff remembers you if you come by a couple times and the food menu is worth exploring!

They create picturesque dishes and drinks that are dying to be Instagrammed… just check out mine.


A5D3F4C3-92E1-4C0B-9C8A-AB915C4812D96. The Scottsdale Princess

I know this is a hotel and I live here but I LOVE a staycation. Even if that’s not you, the Princess holds lots of themed events throughout the year that you don’t have to stay on property to attend! My favorite has been Christmas at the Princess. It was completely immersive and a great time even in my third trimester!

Their services are wonderful. A shuttle to take you to nearby places to eat/shop, amazing restaurants on site and shopping just to name a few. The place I am always headed to there is the spa! When you book a service you get two hours of ammentity use throughout the entire spa. Massage chairs, waterfalls, sauna, hot tubs, whirlpools, rooftop pool and bar- even aerial fitness classes!

There is something for the whole family at the Scottsdale Princess.

IMG_0734 27. Wonderspaces

Do you like modern art? Art you can really put yourself in? Wonderspaces is for you!

I love wonderspaces because it’s the art museum that rotates every season with pieces that are interactive or socially important. Take in your phone and get a video- it’s totally allowed *unless noted otherwise for specific piece*.

They have a full bar with souvenir glasses, gift shop and more!  Wonderspaces is located in the Scottsdale Fashion Mall.



8. The Pop-Ups

See em’ while they’re hot! Who doesn’t love something that only “X” amount of people will get to catch?

When a pop-up comes by, snag your tickets fast! The cooler it is, the harder it will be. Phoenix is a great hub for this kind of stuff. Lots of them are set-up for you to take pictures and videos, others are entertainment like monster trucks, dinosaur lands and festivals!

Before the pandemic, the valley hosted festivals for just about any food with a cult following. Pop-ups are great because they tend to appeal to a very specific side of you- one that often doesn’t get to come out and play- but that’s what makes them so fun!

From east to west, those are my most frequented spots. You might be looking at this thinking, “damn, she needs to get out more. You are absolutely right! I moved here, got a job and b bought a house and then the pandemic hit and now it’s been two years and I’ve not seen much. This year that changes. SPAM ME with your favorite local hang out spots or secluded hideaways!



Bye, friends!