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My Chemical Romance’s Frank Iero breaks wrist after falling off ladder

David A. Smith/Getty Images

My Chemical Romance‘s Frank Iero will be taking a break from playing guitar for a bit as he recovers from injuring both his wrists after falling off a ladder this past week.

In an Instagram post, Iero shares that he broke his right wrist in the accident, and sprained his left.

“I figured this was easiest was to let everyone know why it’s hard to return emails and texts,” Iero writes. “I’ll keep everyone posted when i know more but in the meantime I’m probably gonna have to postpone or need more time on any work related endeavors.”

Luckily, Iero should have plenty of time to get healed up before My Chemical Romance finally embarks on their long-awaited reunion tour next spring. The outing, which was first scheduled for 2020, has been postponed several times due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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