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Nerdgasm News: 3D Printed Shoes Are The Next Step, Recharging Your Brain With Light Therapy & Call Of Duty WWII Leaks!

Call Of Duty Ww2


3D printed better be comfortable because they’re future

shoetopia d printed shoe bz

3D printed shoes are the next STEP to more affordable shoes… Did you see what I did there? 😀 In early April we reported Adidas will be coming out with Futurecraft 4D shoes,

now it looks a few other companies are jumping on board! Academy of Fine Arts students in Poland, Zuzanna Gronowicz and Barbara Motylinska, are responsible for developing the unique shoe  design that they’ve nicknamed, Shoetopia. Sounds legit. In edition to designing the shoe with natural textiles and flexible biodegradable filaments, they’re also allowing you to design your own shoes via apps, so you can follow the production of your shoe. I’m excited for these, mainly because Ugg boots will be no more…


shoetopia d printed shoe bz  

Recharge your brain from jet lag with light therapy!

If Redbulls aren’t charging your soul like they used to, how about recharging your brain with light therapy?! The Human Charger looks like an earlier generation iPod shuffle but provides increased energy levels, improved mood and an increase in concentration that will decrease the effects of jet lag, wll with the simple use of light via headphones. So if you were wondering where you plug this thing in… it’s not where you think it should be. Now if it could just refuel me when I’m hungover from the night before. You can get the Human Charger on Amazon for the not so reasonable price of $230.00 :-/



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Surprise! Call of duty is following the throwback war gaming trend w/ Call of Duty WWII

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Wednesday the 26th is supposed to be the world wide reveal of the new Call Of Duty WWII but spoiler alert! Details have already leaked thanks to It looks like they’re returning to their original roots to redefy WWII for the new gaming generation. Plus! New campaign, online and Co-op modes (which have been missing from the franchise since World At War). You can get access to the private beta when you pre-order the game and we can expect to see CoD:WWII in stores Friday November 3rd, 2017.