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Nerdgasm News: A New Mini Nintendo Console In The Works, Along with Facebook reads your mind & An Offline Instagram

Super NES


Move Over Classic Mini NES, The SNES mini is coming!

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 I teared up when I heard Nintendo was going to stop production of their mini Classic NES system earlier this month but only to be replaced by the mini SuperNES Classic edition! They’re planing on releasing this beautiful grey box of magic during Christmas, so get those pre-orders in, because you know they’ll probably sell out, and then you’ll have to buy one on Ebay for 3x the price! NO word on what games will be released with it but there is a video to check out below 😀

Let Facebook Read Your Mind

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Facebook’s annual F8 conference took place yesterday and one of the most futurist yet creepy proposal came out out of there, “What if you could type directly from your brain?”. They’re currently working on hardware tech that’s able to type out 100 words per minute from brain to phone and they’re hoping it’ll be out in a few years. I’m low key worried that Marc Zuckerberg is secretly The Riddler in Batman Forever and he’s creating the Brain Drain…. we all know how that turned out…

Use Instagram without the internet!

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More info coming out of F8 yesterday was about Instagram, Facebook’s adorable little sister. FB is in the works of creating an offline version of Instagram *Yas Yas Yas* because science forbid we miss out on another selfie post of the model you’re currently following. *Why Didn’t you like my picture?* They haven’t announced the feature yet but it’s currently being testing in various regions, sadly, Arizona isn’t one of the regions 🙁