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Nerdgasm News: Bandages that monitor your healing time, Electric Long Boards & Star Wars Land Details!

Star Wars land


Scientists are developing Smart Bandages to monitor you injury and send you updates on your phone

A bandaged hands with lots of digital graphics

Yeah Science! It looks like Swansea University are attempting to create a bandage, that can detect how your wound is healing and send back updates to your doctor (or smart phone). Using a 3D printingproccess, these bandages would also have 5G wireless data to help send out that info. Professor Marc Clement of the Institute of Life Science said, “5G is an opportunity to produce resilient, robust bandwidth that is always there for the purpose of healthcare.” All this sounds awesome but I’m still waiting for someone to create a cheaper internet service to use all this techmology!

Never Walk Again with the new electric skateboard!

If you love the idea of an electric board that doesn’t require a pilates core balance *cough* hoverboards *cough* then you’ll LOVE the new Boosted Board! It’s an electric long board w/ 2 motors attached to a belt drive system that could take you up to 22mph that also includes a brake system. There’s a hand held remote that connects with the board via Bluetooth that monitors you your battery life, the speed your going and can reverse or stop as you please.

New Details on Star Wars Land & Star Tours at Star Wars Celebration

Disney Reveals New Details of STAR WARS Land and Star Tours at Celebration

Grab your Blue Milk! More details on Star Wars Land have been released during Star Wars 40th Celebration this past weekend. Even though this portion of Disney theme parks won’t be open until 2019, you can now enjoy touring planet Crait on Star Tours (just in time for The Last Jedi.) Another new feature is if you do a bad job steering the Millennium Falcon, someone in the park will mention it to you. Not sure how they’re gonna do that but I can already feel a trap coming on…

Bonus Level: Someone mashed up The Force Awakens Trailer & The Last Jedi trailer to show it’s basically the same trailer