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Nerdgasm News: Game Of Thrones’ Spinoffs, Science Says Beer Is Better Than Pain Meds and The Winners of the Video Game Hall Of Fame!

Video game hall of fame


Game of Thrones is getting 4 spinoff series!

Game of Thrones' Emilia Clarke

Send a raven, there’s news of HBO and George R.R. Martin creating 4 spin off Game of Thrones series! Word is that both current executive producers are signed on for all 4 and will be collaborating with Mr. Martin on 2 of them. No word on exactly what stories will be told but by the old gods and the new, there better be a story about Robert’s Rebellion and the Mad King.

Don’t forget season 7 starts July 16th!

Science Says Beer Is Better Than Tylenol

photo via Oimax

If you hate pain and love to drink, this next science study is for you! A study at the University of Greenwich found that raising your alcohol level above the legal limit can elevate your pain threshold significantly. Which makes sense if you decided to Hulk out and get into a bar fight, you never really do feel the pain as much until the next morning. So next time you’ve got a minor head, just toss back a cold one, or head to your nearest beer festival.


Check out the Games Getting Inducted Into The Video Game Hall Of Fame:

It’s time for the 3rd annual Video Game Hall Of Fame! This year only 4 games are being inducted verses the 6 from previous years. Of course the classic Donkey Kong is involved, Pokemon Red and Green, Street Fighter 2 and surprisingly Halo. Apparently there was no room for Final Fantasy 7, which was originally on the roster, but they did manage to fit in more than 1 Pokemon game. Past Inductees include: Pong, Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros., Tetris, Doom, World of Warcraft, Grand Theft Auto 3, The Legend of Zelda, The Oregon Trail, The Sims, Sonic the Hedgehog and Space Invaders.

Bonus Level Content:

The Force Theme Gets Synthy

Very Tron, Very Stranger Things, Very Synthy.

Bob’s Burgers album

Bob’s Burger’s Music Album is out next Friday! Here’s St. Vincent’s cover of Bad Girls 😀