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Nerdgasm News: Jeff Goldblum says YES to Jurassic World Sequel, Darth Vadar Becomes A Gold Member and The Goofy VR Glasses No One Is Asking For!

Jeff Goldbloom shirt off



Jeff Goldblum’s coming back for Jurassic World Sequel!

Jeff Goldbloom shirt off

Hold on to your butts! Jeff Goldblum is set to appear alongside Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard in the Jurassic World Sequel! There’s no word yet on what or how Dr. Ian Malcolm’s returning but we can expect to see him in theaters June 22nd, 2018


The force is GOLD with this Darth Vadar Helmet

Image via Dengeki Hobby

 If you have enough money to fund the CGI for Star Wars Episode 1, you’ll prolly have enough money to buy this 24K SOLID Gold Darth Vadar Helmet! The helmet weighs 33 pounds, goes on sale May 4 and could be yours for a heavy 154 million yen aka US $1.4 million. Still cheaper than building a death star…

These VR glasses are too much…

New VR Glasses

Image via Mashable

If you love the look of plastic with a steam punk flair, you’re gonna love these new 2VR Virtual Reality Headset. These goofy looking VR bifocals are only $29.99 and have no weird black box covering your face or phone but they’re still able to provide a window into different parts of the world.