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Nerdgasm News: Logan is Back In Theaters, A Toothbrush As Black As Your Soul & Making Math Fun Again With WooTube!

Logan B and W


Logan’s Back In Theaters!

Logan Black and White 2

If you didn’t get to sink your claws into Marvel’s Logan earlier this year, you’ll have another chance on May 16th! Director James Mangold tweeted the following:

That’s right, If you caught Logan in color, try it in black and white this time… it will totally change the mood of this flick. Mangold also confirmed the b&w version of Logan will also be included on the dvd and blu-ray.

A toothbrush that matches your dark soul

goby all black brush kit screen shot at pm

If your life is a dark abyss or just tired of brushing with the same basic white toothbrush… why not try the new Goby All-Black Brush Kit? Honestly, there’s no MAJOR difference from a regular electric brush but maybe a timer w/ 30-second intervals, 2 speeds and a long lasting battery… But it will be cheaper than most oscillating tooth brush tech, you’re lookin at a clean $60 bucks for the whole shebang and if you need to replace the brush heads, they’re only $6!

“Wootube” is making math fun again

If math was as easy as broadcasting a video, more people would be into it. Turns out a Sydney math teacher by the name of Eddie Woo is doing just that. Wootube has over 40,000 subscribers and he’s making math great again by posting instructional videos explaining different math terms that my brain no longer remembers. What’s great is you can actually the hear the mental light bulbs click when he explains these concepts. So if you struggled with math this past year and need some help… Check out his youtube page HERE.