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Nerdgasm News: Robots, Robots & More Robots!


This Chinese Engineer will starting putting his hard drive in some strange USB ports…

Why are people building robots and marrying them? Are we that bad of a human race to not want to bang one another? But it makes sense, building the perfect partner and teaching them to do all the things you want seems a lot easier… Said no one ever… Except this Chinese Engineer


Robots will fight to the death August 2017!!!

USA’s MEGABOTS is challenging Japanese robotrivals SUIDOBASHI Heavy industry to a GIANT! ROBOT! MATCH!* No date on when this Pacific Rim, paintball, destruction match is happening but let’s hope they rip each other to shreds!!!

*batteries not included

14 Transformers Movies are scheduled to come out within the next few years!?!

Pretty self explanatory….