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Nerdgasm News: Star Wars Characters Sing “All Star”, Adidas New Drum Machine Shoes & Is That A Banana Phone In Your Pocket?

force awakens


Jimmy Fallon Mashed Up Star Wars Movies to Sing “All Star”

Last night, on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, they paid someone to dig through EVERY SINGLE STAR WARS MOVIE to do a mashup of the characters singing Smash Mouth’s “All Star”. They did not disappoint!

Oh and if you’re looking for some series Star Wars savings… check out ThinkGeek 😀

Kick a beat w/ these new Adidas shoes

Adidas new drum trainers

While other shoe companies are developing new technology to create shoes with 3D printers, Adidas is going a more musical route with their new “Neely Air” trainers! Adidas teamed up with Roland drum machines to create a shoe that actually kicks a beat while you walk. The prototype features volume & tempe controls, a speaker, USB port, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and come pre-programmed with six different beats – meaning that you can actually make music on the shoes. It’s still in the prototype stages so no word on when it will be released but honestly, I’m still waiting for LA Gears to make a come back!

Adidas' new Roland prototype trainers

This phone is B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

If phones and bananas ap-peal to you… (get it?!) you’re gonna wanna check out this IndieGoGo campaign! The Banana Phone is just an attachment to your ACTUAL smart phone, connecting via bluetooth and only has 3 buttons with voice activation. It’s not really meant to be a phone replacement but just a conversation starter because everyone loves to ask… “Is That A Banana In Your Pocket… or are you just happy to see me?”