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Nerdgasm News: Start Binge Watching Your Fave Shows On HBO Go, Netflix’s bringing back Carmen San Diego & Your Fave N64 game is getting a documentary!



You can finally binge watch your fave HBO show!


Couldn’t you always? Well kinda… Before you could watch any HBO show as you please but as soon as the episode is over, it stops. Well its a thing of the past now! The binge feature has now been added so you continue marathoning all those Game Of Thrones episodes. Before the next season starts in July…

Carmen San Diego’s getting an animated series on Netflix!

Photo Via Netflix

Attention geography nerds, Netflix is throwing out some series member berries at ya. They just ordered a 22 episode animated Carmen San Diego series inspired by the 80’s computer game we loved sooo much! It’ll star Gina Rodriguez (Jane The Virgin) as Carmen & Finn Wolfhard (Stranger Things) will co-star as The Player. Sadly, we’ll have to wait until 2019 for it…


Engage Big Head Mode, A Goldeneye Documentary In The Works!


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Engage big head mode, there’s a documentary on the N64’s iconic game, Goldeneye 007, in the works! A team in Austrailia launched an IndieGoGo campaign to tell the untold story of the making of this 4 player classic. GoldenEra will examine how an inexperienced team were able to defy expectations and build one of the most respected and influential console shooters ever. They’re asking for $85,000 and if all goes well, it should be out later this year, in time for the 20th anniversary! Check out their video below: