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Nerdgasm News: X-Files is coming back, Airless tires for bikes are the future & Gorillaz hold their first LIVE interview!



X Files is coming back for another Event Series!


The truth is still out there guys, which is why Mulder and Skully are back for another season! Fox has ordered a new “event series” season for X-Files scheduled to air between 2017-2018. No word on what the “event” will be about but I do know that if you’re still on season 1 episode 2, there’s still time to catch up. *I Want To Believe*

Pump The Brakes! There’s a an airless bike tire in the works

Remember how much of a pain it is to fix a flat tire on a bike? How about the last time you rode a bike? Well if you hated riding because of fixing flat tires, you’re in luck! Bridgestone is working on creating a new airless tire for bikes and they look really rad! If you stare at the psychedelic, thermoplastic resin spokes too long, I’m sure you can see a sailboat. It’s still in the works so no word yet on when these will be available, but I can’t wait to see how rad these will look on my Schwinn 😀

*Pee wee herman laugh ding ding*

Gorillaz just gave their first LIVE interview and it has us excited for their TV series

Gorillaz Gave Their First Ever Live Interview and It is Hilarious

2017 continues to be the year of the Gorillaz. Between their new album Humanz (out April 28th) and creating a new TV series it only makes sense the animated band do a LIVE TV interview with a real person! You can check out the 30 minute interview w/ 2D and Murdoc below!