The Mo Show!

Nerdgasm Top 5! 9/24 – 9/28/2018


Nasa is helping develope robotic skin?!

Next in the world of robotics, NASA and a few other geniuses at Yale are creating a new type of skin that can turn almost ANYTHING into a robot?! The material’s proper name is OmniSkin, and it’s made from sheets of elastic studded with sensors and actuators. Its fixed in place with zips ties and it’s modular, meaning each small sheet can be attached to any other in a number of ways, kind of like legos. It’s lightweight and reusable and perfect for astronauts that might have limited resources to use while they’re in spaaacceeee.

Spotify to start offering DNA curated playlists?!


Jurassic Park, Universal Pictures

Next, Spotify, the music service you use sometimes when you’re not listening to us… have teamed up with to bring a playlist based on your DNA. If you have an account with, Spotify will offer a custom playlist based on your heritage In other words, a collection of music that’s based on all the different regions in one’s genetic code. So, if you’ve got German blood, get ready for Kraftwerk.

PS4 will finally allow cross platform play!


Sony Playstation is FINALLY throwing in the towel and adding cross platform play with other consoles!!! Gaming fans have been begging Playstation to play nice with Microsoft, Nintendo and PC so that we can all play together as ONE GIANT gaming community. It’s only in Beta right now but the good news is they’re starting with the biggest game of the year, Fortnite, and it’s available as of…. now!

 X-Men Dark Phoenix Official Trailer

The latest installment of the X-men franchise just dropped a new trailer for the new movie about Jean Grey called Dark Phoenix. The trailer shows the darker side of Jean Grey and how Professor Xavier may be at fault.

 We finally get Die Hard Funko Pops!


Finally, for my Die Hard fans… like Camfield. Funko Pop Vinyls, the big head figurines, are creating a line of Die Hard Funkos for us! Even though Bruce Willis claims IT ISN’T a Christmas movie.. I’m still getting it for Camfield for christmas.