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Nerdgasm News 10.26.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: NASA discovers water on the moon, the FDA has approved their first drug to treat COVID-19 and a new Foundation has been set up to honor the late Mythbuster host, Grant Imahara

Nerdgasm News 10.23.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: Director Tim Burton is working on an Addams Family TV Series and some McGenius has created an app to find out if your local McDonald’s ice cream machines are broken

Nerdgasm News 10.22.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: We say goodbye to Quibi, Jared Leto is reprising his role as Joker in Zack Snyder’s Justice League and Reebok is crossing streams with The Ghostbusters for these new sneakers

Nerdgasm News 10.21.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: We congratulate the smart folks at ASU and UofA for assisting NASA with their asteroid landing and sample collection plus science also determined this 2012 movie is the scariest movie of all time!

Nerdgasm News 10.20.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: There’s a petition to restore Blockbusters as museums, You can now play Xbox games on you Apple devices and we got our 2nd look at season 2 of The Mandalorian!

Nerdgasm News 10.19.2020

Today In Nerdgasm: NASA is granting Nokia a chance to put 4G on the moon, Michael B. Jordan is producing a live action version of Static Shock and LEGO is releasing a Fender Stratocaster Set!

Nerdgasm News 10.16.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: Disney+ are making progressive changes to their streaming service plus rumors on having Tobey McGuire and Andrew Garfield in the new Spiderman 3 movie with Tom Holland!

Nerdgasm News 10.12.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: a new Green Lantern series has been green lit for HBO Max, Animaniacs spoofs Jurassic Park in their teaser trailer for the rebooted series and Disney is working on a Space Mountain movie

Nerdgasm News 10.9.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: Elon’s Tesla and Starman dummy have finally made a pass near Mars, Pixar’s SOUL is coming to Disney+ for free and Robert Kirkman’s comic Invincible is being turned into an animated series on Amazon Prime!

Nerdgasm News 10.8.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: Something STRANGE is coming to Spiderman’s neighborhood, The US Space Force is turning to The Mandalorian to help them train and one remaster to rule them all is coming: The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit trilogies in 4k, UHD Ultra Blu Ray!

Nerdgasm News 10.7.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: Super Nintendo World just showed off some of their tasty treats plus a new open day. Fans of Parks and Recreation can now treat themselves to a new children’s book called “Leslie Knope Runs for Class President” and another book for my mutant fans: The X-Men Animated Series Art Book!

Nerdgasm News 10.6.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: The new movie DUNE has now been added to the growing list of postponed movies this year and HBO has finally started casting for their prequel “House of Dragons”

Nerdgasm News 10.5.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: The cast of Dazed and Confused are reuniting to help Voter Registration, The Snoopy Show is coming to Apple TV and we got our first look at Geralt for season 2 of The Witcher!

Nerdgasm News 10.2.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: Marvel hit us with a shocker by recasting Jaime Foxx as Electro for the new Spiderman 3 movie out in 2021 and another rebooted which movie is coming for the 1990 classic The Witches. I might be under their spell right now because it actually looks pretty good.


Nerdgasm News 10.1.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: Someone must have lit the black flame candle because we have some fun Hocus Pocus news between a cast reunion and a new Sanderson Sisters wine they’ve conjured up, PLUS! Marvel has found their Ms. Marvel for a new Disney+ series coming. 

Nerdgasm News 9.30.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: General Mills is spreading some holiday breakfast cheer with their new “Elf” cereal and we got our first look at The Craft: Legacy.

Nerdgasm News 9.29.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: Disney+ has confirmed they are launching a Group Watch feature (and just in time for season 2 of The Mandalorian) PLUS! The Lion King is getting ANOTHER reboot…. 

Nerdgasm News 9.28.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: Nick Fury is getting a spin off series on Disney+, NASA wants you to help them create Lunar Powered devices for their trip to the moon in 2024 and Nickelodeon is coming out with a documentary called “The Orange Years”!

Nerdgasm News 9.25.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: Amazon revamped and debuted some new devices at their annual hardware conference , The Boys are getting a spinoff and Disney debuts a new tribute mural to Chadwick Boseman at the Downtown Disney District in California. 

Nerdgasm News 9.24.2020

Today in Nerdgasm News: DC is working on a Suicide Squad spin off starring John Cena, Zack Snyder is adding more scenes to his cut of Justice League and a list of all of Disney and Fox’s movies that are getting postponed including all of Marvel’s phase 4.

Nerdgasm News 9.23.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: Japan has been working on a real life GUNDAM, we’re about to like Daft Punk with this new PPE coming out and Supergirl hangs up her cape after 6 seasons on the CW

Nerdgasm News 9.22.2020

Today In Nerdgasm: Star Wars shows us the way to Mando Mondays, another asteroid is passing REALLY close to earth and SURPRISE! Falcon and Winter Soldier are postponed AGAIN!

Nerdgasm News 9.21.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: Tik Tok is officially here to stay, we got another preview of Marvel’s Wandavision and it’s Batman Day!

Nerdgasm News 9.18.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: A new reality TV show is going to meet you into space, LEGOs are working on becoming more sustainable for the environment and Marvel has found their She-Hulk!

Nerdgasm News 9.17.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: It’s all about the PS5 today! Not only did we get info about pricing, release dates and pre-order info, we also got a teaser for some NEW games and something special Playstation Plus Subscribers are getting. 

Nerdgasm News 9.16.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: American Girl dolls is introducing a new gaming doll that’s a Pac-Man champ and future video game developer, She-Hulk is coming to Disney+ and they just found a director plus we a new trailer for season 2 of The Mandalorian!

Nerdgasm News 9.15.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: NASA may have found signs of life on Venus, Youtube is launching their own form of Tik Tok and Microsoft has created a gaming cloud service with over 150 games!

Nerdgasm News 9.14.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: The Arizona State Fair finds a way for us to still enjoy one of their popular exhibits virtually, CBS is coming out with a documentary about Nintendo vs. SEGA and more movies getting postponed and I think I jinxed it… 

Nerdgasm News 9.11.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: We find out The Scream Queen herself is back in this horror movie franchise, The Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World video game is coming back and Ninja has back home on Twitch!

Nerdgasm News 9.10.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: We say an early goodbye The Walking Dead but not everyone is saying goodbye, Netflix is adding A TON of  movies for Halloween and we got a sweet trailer for the new Dune movie!

Nerdgasm News 9.9.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: Back To The Future is coming to theaters but not in the way you think, Xbox released deets on their next gen consoles, We’re getting a prequel game to Zelda:Breath of the Wild plus we got our first look at season 2 of The Mandalorian!

Nerdgasm News 9.8.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: We celebrate Star Trek Day plus The Princess Bride is reuniting this upcoming Sunday and Amazon’s Comixology is helping Wakanda live in our hearts forever with free comics!

Nerdgasm News 9.4.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: The 35th anniversary of Super Mario continues as they’re bringing some classic 3D All Star games to the switch and a new way to play Mario Kart IRL. We also celebrate the 54th anniversary of Star Trek and Burger King’s whopper of an idea for “touchless” food.

Nerdgasm News 9.3.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: You won’t have to wait long to watch Mulan for free on Disney+, The Mandalorian Season 2 gets a release date, Amazon rolls out Twitch Prime watch parties and we got a trailer for Netflix’s new doc on The Challenger Space Shuttle.

Nerdgasm News 9.2.2020

Today in Nerdgasm we get into rumors about watch parties coming to Disney+, A pair of glasses that can keep you focused and Amazon music teaming up with Twitch streaming

Nerdgasm News 9.1.2020

Today in Nerdgasm one of the FRESHEST 90s sitcoms is celebrating their 30th anniversary with a reunion and Netflix is letting you watch for free! (well kind of…)

Nerdgasm News 8.31.2020

Today in Nerdgasm, we pay tribute to fallen Avenger Chadwick Boseman aka Black Panther who lost his battle with Colon Cancer. 

Nerdgasm News 8.28.2020

Today in Nerdgasm we celebrate astronaut Jeanette Epps as she’ll be a first for this groundbreaking event with NASA. Plus Ikea joins forces with LEGO and we’re getting another mutation of Resident Evil.

Nerdgasm News 8.27.2020

The FDA just approved a new $5 COVID-19 test you can take at home. Then in some video game news, we talk about the new Call of Duty game coming this Nov. and how to get your hands on the new PS5 since Sony’s releasing a limited amount of them. 

Nerdgasm News 8.26.2020

Tim The Tool Man Taylor is rebooting his Home Improvement show to a reality TV show, Xbox is working on 3 sweet DC superhero inspired consoles and Cobra Kai is getting another spin off in the form of a video game!

Nerdgasm News 8.25.2020

We’ve got Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice in Nerdgasm today, thanks to the Powerpuff girls! Plus, The Mandalorian gets a sweet vinyl box set and The Arizona Science Center is helping kids with their online schooling!

Nerdgasm News 8.24.2020

Holy movie trailers Batman! DC FanDome was this weekend and we got a slew of trailers for The Batman, Wonder Woman 1984, James Gunn’s Suicide Squad and the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League!

Nerdgasm News 8.14.2020

Parents and students rejoice! Google is dropping a new feature to help you with your math homework and we’re getting another Star Wars Holiday Special that promises to be lightyears away from the 1978 special that everyone wants to forget. 

Nerdgasm News 8.13.2020

One our of favorite ALT artists collaborated with NASA to reimagine for one of his 2019 albums, Google wants to use your phone to study earthquakes and one of the popular tricks on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater is getting renamed!

Nerdgasm News 8.12.2020

I hope you still have your Blockbuster membership cards if you wanna spend the night inside the last store known to man! Plus The Fresh Prince is getting a re-imagining and there’s been confirmation of when we’re getting an Xbox Series X!

Nerdgasm News 8.11.2020

We’ve got more reboots and spinoff talk in Nerdgasm today. One of Spongebob Squarepants bestie is getting a late night talk show, there’s a Three Men and a Baby reboot coming with one of the stars from High School Musical and Chipotle wants you to play the new Tony Hawk Pro Skater demo!

Nerdgasm News 8.10.2020

Today in Nerdgasm, Japan has been working on a “Smart” face mask, Friends is getting delayed again (no surprise…) and we have a release date and streaming service that’s airing Animaniacs!

Nerdgasm News 8.7.2020

Today in Nerdgasm, we get into some “Keanews” as one of his movies is dropping a week earlier than scheduled and he’s working on the 5th installment in this franchise. Plus Marvel is helping director Nic DeCosta make history in the MCU!

Nerdgasm News 8.6.2020

Today in Nerdgasm Comedy Central’s rebooting another 90s classic cartoon from our childhood and bringing it to adult hood, Instagram launches their version of Tik Tok and director Ridley Scott is making his TV Series debut with a new show called “Raised By Wolves”!

Nerdgasm News 8.5.2020

Today in Nerdgasm this indefinitely delayed Disney movie is coming to Disney+, Google assistant is helping your kids get on an online school schedule and we got a final trailer for season 2 of The Boys!

Nerdgasm News 8.4.2020

Today in Nerdgasm, The Simpsons are getting a new line of apparel and accessories thanks to Vans, Scientists are working on  “electronic skin” for people with prosthetics and you can’t use this gaming controller for a new console coming this year.

Nerdgasm News 8.3.2020

Today in Nerdgasm, we celebrate the SpaceX Dragon Crew coming back home, a new wearable mouthpiece might control our future and a new documentary about Spawn comic book creator Todd McFarlane is here!