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Nerdgasm News 9.20.21

Today in Nerdgasm: SpaceX Inspiration returns after 3 days in orbit.

Nerdgasm News 9.17.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Nintendo’s working on a new kind of controller for the Nintendo Switch and Ikea is working on new gaming furniture for your gaming room.

Nerdgasm News 9.16.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Maricopa Community College professor, Cian Proctor, becomes the first black female pilot in space thanks to SpaceX Inspiration4 PLUS Actor Anthony Mackie is set to play the lead in the new Twisted Metal movie.

Nerdgasm News 9.15.21

Today in Nerdgasm: The SpaceX Inspiration4 all civilian mission launches today, Apple announces the launch fo their new iPhone 13 and The Penguin is getting his own spinoff series to follow the new The Batman movie, starring Colin Ferrell.

Nerdgasm News 9.14.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Move over Snapchat Spectacles and Google Glasses, there’s a new pair of smart glasses coming from Facebook and Ray-Ban this week called Ray-Ban Stories.

Nerdgasm News 9.13.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Baby Yoda becomes the 1st Star Wars character to get a balloon for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Bob’s Burger announces a new movie coming and we get our first look at Marvel’s Hawkeye featuring Kate Bishop!

Nerdgasm News 9.10.21

Today in Nerdgasm: TONS of video game news is here! From Nintendo partnering with LEGO, yet again, for a buildable, N64 Super Mario Block featuring 4 dioramas along with Nintendo also launching their own Esports for kids ages 8-11. PLUS! Playstation gave us over a dozen new games to look forward to from Radiohead, to Marvel to Star Wars and the one everyone’s been waiting for… God Of War: Ragnarok!

Nerdgasm News 9.9.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Billionaire is looking to create the 1st sustainable city in Arizona and we FINALLY get our first look at The Matrix Resurrections trailer.

Nerdgasm News 9.8.21

Today in Nerdgasm: The Matrix Revolution launches an interactive website featuring 180k teasers before the new trailer drops on Thursday, We get a special message from Steve of Blue’s Clues and we celebrate Star Trek Day!

Nerdgasm News 9.7.21

Today in Nerdgasm: A Game of Thrones Convention has been announced while the Phoenix Fan Fusion Convention has been rescheduled. Speaking of rescheduled, Venom: Let There Be Carnage has been moved up and is now coming out Oct. 1st.

Nerdgasm News 9.3.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Reading Rainbow is getting a documentary called “Butterfly In The Sky”, Netflix is also dropping a documentary about the all civilian Space X Mission coming up and Rick and Morty drop a surprise teaser trailer featuring Christopher Lloyd as Rick Sanchez!

Nerdgasm News 9.1.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Lunchables are launching kids to space camp, South Park is releasing 2 movies before the end of this year and Gameboy games are coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Nerdgasm News 8.31.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Disney is working on a reboot sequel for “The Rocketeer” called “The Return of The Rocketeer” and DCFandome is back virtually on October 16th.

Nerdgasm News 8.27.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Pokemon TV App is available now on Nintendo Switch for free, Shoe company PUMA is partnering up with Animal Crossing and Netflix gaming kicks off their limited test featuring 2 Stranger things games… sadly, they’re only testing it in Poland.

Nerdgasm News 8.26.21

Today in Nerdgasm: The Karate Kid is waxing on and waxing off with jazz hands for a new musical coming, Leticia Wright suffers a stunt injury on the set of Black Panther 2 and you can now own a replica of Jeff Bezos penis-shaped rocket.

Nerdgasm News 8.25.21

Today in Nerdgasm: more details about The Matrix 4 have been revealed, Taika Waititi’s animated Flash Gordan film is now live action and someone sent a GIANT Tic Tac with messages into space!

Nerdgasm News 8.24.21

Today in Nerdgasm: We break down our first look at the new Spider-man: No Way Home trailer and video game Stardew Valley is about to become an Esport!

Nerdgasm News 8.23.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Elon Musk is about to make iRobot a reality with his new Tesla Bot, Black Canary from Harley Quinn’s Birds of Prey is getting her own spinoff film and we get our first look at the cast of Cowboy Bebop coming to Netflix this fall.

Nerdgasm News 8.20.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Val Kilmer’s voice has been recreated by AI after throat cancer took it away, Disney parks are looking to create walking animatronics to move around the park and Disney’s classic game collection is coming to Nintendo Switch: Lion King, Aladdin and Jungle Book.

Nerdgasm News 8.19.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Anthony Mackie will dawn the shield yet again for the new Captain America 4 and we get another event filled trailer for Marvel’s The Eternals coming in November.

Nerdgasm News 8.18.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Pokemon announces Pokemon:Unite is coming to iPhones in September, We’re getting a gender swapped Adventure Time with Fiona and Cake on HBO Max PLUS the newest episode of “What If” features Chadwick Boseman’s last time voicing T’Challa.

Nerdgasm News 8.17.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Scientists say that playing 2 hours of playing video games can help you burn as many calories as doing 1000 sit ups PLUS Star Wars drops a new trailer for their upcoming anime series called “Visions” coming to Disney+ in September.

Nerdgasm News 8.16.21

Today in Nerdgasm: NASA is sending a 3D printer to space to try and build materials on the moon. In other news Danny Devito is writing a one off comic for DC’s Penguin, for his 80th anniversary since his debut. 

Nerdgasm News 8.12.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Scientists watching an asteroid since 1999 say we now have a bigger chance of hitting Earth and we celebrate the 30th anniversary of Nicktoons Icons: Rugrats, Doug and Ren and Stimpy!

Nerdgasm News 8.11.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Idris Elba announces his new role as Knuckles in the Sonic The Hedgehog sequel and Batman’s Partner-In-Crime-Fighting, Robin, has come out as bisexual in the latest comics.

Nerdgasm News 8.10.21

Today in Nerdgasm: It’s kind of a slow day for Nerd News 🙁 HOWEVER! If you’re pumped about the 55th anniversary of Star Trek this year, you’ll be happy to hear toy company Playmobil will release their first ever Star Trek USS Enterprise NCC 1701 in Sept. Also, if you were a big fan of Shark King in the new and improved Suicide Squad Movie, then prepare for a King Shark origin story as a three issue digital miniseries.

Nerdgasm News 8.9.21

Today in Nerdgasm: NASA is giving you the ultimate social distance stay for a year… on a simulated MARS expedition + The creators of South Park are working on a 3D video game!

Nerdgasm News 7.30.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Hawkeye is set to premiere on Disney+ November 24th and we say goodbye to the 13th Doctor, Jodie Whittaker, as she’s leaving Doctor Who in 2022.

Nerdgasm News 7.29.21

Today in Nerdgasm: You can own a piece of Mythbusters history with an auction benefiting the Grant Imahara STEAM foundation. PBS’s Arthur is ending after 25 season and Downtown Mesa is about to get their first arcade with Level one Arcade!

Nerdgasm News 7.28.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Another trailer for Ghostbusters: Afterlife dropped and it. Looks. GOOOOOD. PLUS! Dr. Mario World fans, prepare to be sad as Nintendo is shutting down the mobile game in November.

Nerdgasm News 7.27.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Lucasfilms hires Deep Fake Youtuber Shamook after his clearly better deep fake of Luke Skywalker in The Mandalorian and The Tokyo Olympics show off their basketball shooting robot with 100% accuracy.

Nerdgasm News 7.26.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Michael B. Jordan is joining the DC Universe for a Black Superman project from HBO Max, while Netflix is working on a Live Action series for Pokemon!

Nerdgasm News 7.23.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Rapper Lil Uzi Vert is trying to own an actual planet and San Diego Comic Con at Home kicks off today through Sunday!

Nerdgasm News 7.22.21

Today in Nerdgasm: The girl power is strong today in your Nerdgasm News, The DC universe have found their Bat Girl with “In The Heights” star Leslie Grace and Marvel has cast Michaela Coel in Black Panther 2, however her role is underwraps.

Nerdgasm News 7.21.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Netflix confirms all current subscribers will have access to their new video game streaming service  FOR FREE + no in game ads or In-game purchase. HBO announces a partnership with Snapchat to let you watch dozens of shows with your friends for free.

Nerdgasm News 7.20.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Jeff Bezos takes his Blue Orbit to space while making history with the oldest and youngest astronaut to fly to space.

Nerdgasm News 7.19.21

Today in Nerdgasm: HBO confirms they’ve got 2 more animated Game of Thrones spinoffs coming and Nerds teams up with Dungeons and Dragons for a Sweet D&D adventure for beginners. 

Nerdgasm News 7.16.21

Today in Nerdgasm: PC gaming is about to go handheld with the new Valve Steam Deck

Nerdgasm News 7.15.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Netflix is expanding their streaming service to Video Games and Disney announces a new  Luke Skywalker, Mandalorian Documentary.

Nerdgasm News 7.14.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Nickelodeon is releasing their own version of Super Smash Bros with “Nickelodeon All Star Brawl” and today’s the season finale of Loki on Disney+, make sure you watch after the credits for THIS news.

Nerdgasm News 7.13.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Elon books a flight to space with Virgin Galactic and MIT creates a robot that helps you get dressed.

Nerdgasm News 7.12.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Congrats to Virgin Group Founder Richard Branson and the VSS Crew for making it out into space! Now he wants to send you…

Nerdgasm News 7.9.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Disney gave us a preview of a brand new, animated series about the Marvel Cinematic Universe called “What If”.

Nerdgasm News 7.8.21

Today in Nerdgasm: NASA is diving deeper into caves on Mars with the robot dog and Amazon’s The Boys launch a spin off ahead of season 3.

Nerdgasm News 7.7.21

Today in Nerdgasm: There’s a new app called Brickit that will show you what to create with leftover LEGOS, Animal Crossing: New Horizon is coming to Monopoly and Japan creates the first Pokemon Nature Reserve.

Nerdgasm News 7.6.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Nintendo’s releasing their OLED 7 inch Switch console this fall and Sony confirms their State of Play happening this Thursday featuring game play footage for Deathloop.

Nerdgasm News 7.2.21

Today in Nerdgasm: It’s a race to space between billionaires Jeff Bezos and Virgin Group founder Richard Branson, a Tiny book of Grogu aka Baby Yoda is coming and Mad Monster Con is this weekend!

Nerdgasm News 7.1.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Hyundai is promising to make flying cars by 2030 and UNO celebrates their 50th anniversary with a championship tournament with the winner taking 50k!

Nerdgasm News 6.30.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Marvel is crossing over to the world of The Simpsons for “The Good, The Bart and The Loki” in July, Simon Pegg is creating a TV series based off of Galaxy Quest and Instagram is testing links in stories for EVERYONE.

Nerdgasm News 6.29.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Researchers at MIT and Harvard University come up with a face mask that can detect COVID-19 in 90 minutes and we celebrate the life of River, the dog on Fallout, who passed away this last week.

Nerdgasm News 6.28.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Jackass, Dr. Pimple Popper, Snoop Dogg, the cast of Sharknado and Stranger Things are all coming together for SHARK WEEK PLUS! Reebok morphs their latest shoe based off of The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Nerdgasm News 6.24.21

Today in Nerdgasm: You can now take a Hot Air Balloon to Space, LEGO is working on sustainable bricks and Scarlett Johansson is producing and starring in a new Tower of Terror movie.

Nerdgasm News 6.23.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Disney’s working on a live action remake of Snow White starring Rachel Zegler, Marvel confirms that Loki is their first on screen bisexual and laundry detergent Tide is going to space with NASA.

Nerdgasm News 6.22.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Inflatable Motorcycles are now the future of vehicles thanks to Tokyo researchers and Tinder is allowing you to add videos to your profile.

Nerdgasm News 6.21.21

Today in Nerdgasm: It’s official, we now have 5 oceans on Earth and Facebook launches their Clubhouse competition with Live Audio Rooms.

Nerdgasm News 6.18.21

Today in Nerdgasm: We celebrate the life of John Paragon aka Jambi from Pee Wee’s Playhouse who passed away at the age of 66, Tamagotchi is releasing a smartwatch and even though DC Batman doesn’t go “downtown”, Zack Snyder enters the chat with his NSFW image that he wants to be canon.

Nerdgasm News 6.17.21

Today in Nerdgasm: We celebrate the 75th anniversary of the first ever mobile phone call and we get a look at the new Space Jam: A New Legacy soundtrack listing!

Nerdgasm News 6.16.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Disney+ is giving us a prequel series about Gaston and LeFou from Beauty and the Beast, the creators of Pokemon Go are giving us a Transformers AR mobile game and DC asks the Rated R Harley Quinn series to remove Batman going downtown on Catwoman because “That’s not what heroes do”.

Nerdgasm News 6.15.21

Today in Nerdgasm: E3 happened this weekend and we finally got our first look at Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 and Xbox has plans to unleash an actual Xbox Refrigerator.

Nerdgasm News 6.11.21

Today in Nerdgasm: A new animated Lord of The Rings: War of Rohirrim is coming to theaters, Mindy Kaling’s take on Velma is changing up the origins of Scooby Doo and the Mystery Machine and we finally get our first look at Kevin Smith’s Masters of the Universe: Revelations with an all star voice cast.

Nerdgasm News 6.10.21

Today in Nerdgasm: We get an update on the new cast members joining season 4 of Stranger Things PLUS Lego throws it back to the 1900s with their new semi functional typewriter LEGO set.

Nerdgasm News 6.9.21

Today in Nerdgasm: A new handheld, hand cranked gaming device called “Playdate” is coming, we get our first look at the cast of Netflix’s live action adaptation of Cowboy Bebop and a friendly reminder LOKI on Disney+ is out today!

Nerdgasm News 6.8.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Disney+ announces a new 10 part series Behind the Attractions at Disneyland PLUS a Rick and Morty movie has been confirmed!

Nerdgasm News 6.7.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Scientists have created the Third Eye to help you walk and scroll your social feed, Jeff Bezos is going to space and Loki has officially taken over Lucky Charms to create Loki Charms.

Nerdgasm News 6.4.21

Today in Nerdgasm: LEGOs are starting a virtual convention called LEGOCON, You can start a new fellowship with the new Lord of The Ring Plushies at Build A Bear and a chicken nugget shaped like one of the crewmembers in Among Us sells on Ebay for 10k!

Nerdgasm News 6.3.21

Today in Nerdgasm: NASA announces their first trip in 30 years to Venus, Nintendo Confirmed their coming to E3 w/ details on Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 and Disney shows off their new Stuntronic Spider-man.

Nerdgasm News 6.2.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Seth Rogen has plans to reboot TMNT for Nickelodeon, a Super Mario Bros extended cut of the movie has been unearthed and Nintendo is turning one of their factories into a gallery.

Nerdgasm News 6.1.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Scientists break the world record for drilling over 26k below the Ocean’s Surface and IMDB are launching a monthly trivia game starting June 8th w/ the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Nerdgasm News 5.28.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Okoye, Black Panther’s most trusted Royal Guard, is getting her own spinoff AND Oscar Issac aka Poe Dameron from Star Wars is officially Moon Knight in the new Disney+ series.

Nerdgasm News 5.27.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Disneyland opens back up for other states on June 15th and Danny McBride is developing a new Garbage Pail Kids series for HBO Max.

Nerdgasm News 5.26.21

Today in Nerdgasm: We celebrate the life of Samuel E. Wright aka the voice of Sebastian from The Little Mermaid, SEGA celebrates the 30th anniversary of Sonic with Sonic Central on May 27th and you can now hide your likes on Facebook and Instagram.

Nerdgasm News 5.25.21

Today in Nerdgasm: The Powerpuff Girls live action reboot has to reshoot the pilot and won’t make it to the CW this fall. PLUS JJ Abrams confirms the movie adaption of Portal is coming.

Nerdgasm News 5.24.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Timothee Chalamet has the golden ticket to play Willy Wonka in a new origin story, Rangers of The New Republic has been put on hold and we got a deeper look into The Eternals.

Nerdgasm News 5.21.21

Today in Nerdgasm: The government has leaked the plot for Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Lego and Snapchat now have an AR multiplayer and Hocus Pocus 2 is officially filming this fall. 

Nerdgasm News 5.20.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Disneyland announces a new way to upgrade your experience for the new Spider-man ride opening up next month and a new Goonies themed board game is coming this summer!

Nerdgasm News 5.19.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Adult Swim announces 4 spin off short series from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Robot Chicken, Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell and Rick and Morty!

Nerdgasm News 5.18.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Rick and Morty creator, Dan harmon, has teamed up with FOX for a new NFT based show called “Krapopolis” 

Nerdgasm News 5.17.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Sony has filed a patent for a betting service with cryptocurrency on gaming consoles and mobile phones PLUS Mattel has created a Tesla Cybertruck and Cyberquad RC toy

Nerdgasm News 5.14.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Researchers are testing mental texting capabilities while Nickelodeon is giving us two new podcasts based off of Avatar: The Last Airbender and Spongebob Squarepants.

Nerdgasm News 5.13.21

Today in Nerdgasm: The CW is rebooting Nickelodeon’s Legends of The Hidden Temple for adults and Adult Swim are taking Metalocalypse, The Venture Bros and Aqua Teen Hunger Force and turning them into movies!

Nerdgasm News 5.11.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Dogecoin becomes the 1st cryptocurrency accepted by SpaceX for your flight to the moon, We get our first look at the new Venom: Let There Be Carnage trailer and The Mandalorian gets a new pinball machine!

Nerdgasm News 5.10.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Mattel wants your old toys so they can fulfill their promise to be 100% sustainable by 2030. In other news, the live podcast app Clubhouse is now available on Androids!

Nerdgasm News 5.7.21

Today in Nerdgasm: we celebrate National Space Day! Plus Ingenuity continues to make more history on the red planet by taking its first ever 1 way flight on Mars. On top of that, scientists have found a way to create a laser so powerful, its like taking all the sunlight in the world and compressing it down to a single spec of dust. 

Nerdgasm News 5.6.21

Today in Nerdgasm: We visited the upside down today with the new Stranger Things teaser trailer for season 4,  we also got our first look at the new Game of Thrones spinoff for House of The Dragon and Nintendo are releasing a new Game Builder Garage for your children. 

Nerdgasm News 5.5.21

Today in Nerdgasm: The Smithsonian now has a piece of Star Wars history on display and two of our favorite Hobbits, Merry and Pippin, have started a new podcast called The Friendship Onion podcast

Nerdgasm News 5.4.21

Today in Nerdgasm: It’s May the 4th be With You today so it’s all about Star Wars! From Disney showing off their new retractable lightsaber to everything you can watch on Disney+ to celebrate! PLUS! some special Star Wars themed treats in the valley from Sweet Dees in Scottsdale and Spooky Swirls in Mesa. 

Nerdgasm News 5.3.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Marvel drops dates and titles on their upcoming phase 4 movies PLUS we discuss the cool new Star Wars gear here just in time for May The 4th this week: from Stamps from USPS to New Baby Yoda Sneakers!

Nerdgasm News 4.30.21

Today in Nerdgasm: NASA’s working on bringing life to another planet however, it’ll be difficult to procreate thanks to lack of libido and micro-gravity. PLUS! There’s a new smart bike that allows you to play video games while you exercise. 

Nerdgasm News 4.29.21

Today in Nerdgasm: 12 year old Mike Wimmer is graduating High school and College in the same week! Plus Nike is working on another Playstation PS5 themed shoe

Nerdgasm News 4.28.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Nintendo’s  Game Boy is all grown up and is now Game Man PLUS a new R2-D2 projector droid you’re looking for from Star Wars, just in time for May The 4th next week!

Nerdgasm News 4.27.21

Today in Nerdgasm: A mom in Japan has created edible crayons and NASA makes more history on Mars with their first color photos

Nerdgasm News 4.26.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Marvel announces Captain America 4 with Anthony Mackie aka Sam Wilson, Adidas has a new Yoda themed green shoe and iPhone users are getting new emojis!

Nerdgasm News 4.23.21

Today in Nerdgasm: SpaceX makes history by reusing one of their older rockets to send a few astronauts to the ISS. On top of that, Nintendo and Fuji-film announce a collaboration that reminds you of the old gameboy printer.

Nerdgasm News 4.22.21

Today in Nerdgasm: It’s Earth Day! NASA has some great ways on how you can help love your planet more on their website. PLUS NASA made some history on other planets recently as The Perseverance Rover has created breathable oxygen on Mars.

Nerdgasm News 4.21.21

Today in Nerdgasm: it’s all about Marvel today! They just acquired a new queen, Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke for their new Secret Invasion series on Disney+ PLUS! We get our first look at Simu Liu as Marvel’s first Asian superhero Shang-Chi and The Legend of The 10 Rings. 

Nerdgasm News 4.16.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Scientists have found a way to create a half monkey, half human embryo that I’m sure will end well. On top of that, NASA just gave the OK to do a reality show to send a civilian out into space for a 10 day trip to the ISS called “Space Hero”.

Nerdgasm News 4.15.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Scientist determine listening to your favorite, upbeat song in the morning can make you feel more alert vs. setting 12 annoying alarms on your phone. Scientist in Australia discover a monkey like dinosaur they’re calling “Monkeydactyl” and Audemars Piguet is selling a a $100,000 Black Panther inspired watch

Nerdgasm News 4.14.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Have any burning questions you wanted to ask Albert Einstein? You can now do that with his digital version of himself. On top of that, Scientists in China are working on “smart textiles” to use for smart clothing.

Nerdgasm News 4.13.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Nintendo Switch announces their releasing a new “pocket blue” color for the Switch Lite and Lucy Liu joins the cast of Shazam!: Fury of the Gods as Kalypso

Nerdgasm News 4.12.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Disney reveals they’ve built a real life light saber that’s coming to Disney World and Disneyland parks and NASA unveils blue ice cap terrains on the northern polar end of Mars.

Nerdgasm News 4.9.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Neuralink is back in the news with proof that they’re getting closer to full mind control. On top of that, Disneyland confirms The Avengers Campus is opening on June 4th, still for Cali residents only. 

Nerdgasm News 4.8.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Elon Musks firm Neurolink has confirmed they have the technology and resources to create a real life Jurassic Park while Reebok is over here creating a shoe based off the Jurassic Ford Explorer from the movie. PLUS! We got a new trailer for the new Ghostbusters featuring mini Stay Puff Marshmallows that are more like Gremlins. 

Nerdgasm News 4.7.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Black Eyed Peas’ Wil.I.Am has helped create a smart mask with the same guy who helped make the SpaceX space suits and Adidas partnered with LEGO for a new LEGO themed shoe. 

Nerdgasm News 4.6.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Artificial Intelligence has created a new Nirvana song called “Drowned In the Sun” and Universal Studios Orlando has introduced a new Jurassic World Ride called “Velicoaster”.

Nerdgasm News 4.5.21

Today in Nerdgasm: NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter makes it’s first flight off of Mars PLUS! we got a bunch of new movie and series trailers for Space Jam: A New Legacy, Marvel’s Black Widow and Disney+’s LOKI!

Nerdgasm News 4.2.21

Today in Nerdgasm: E3 confirms their virtual event will be absolutely free, Star Trek “First Contact Day” is happening on April 5th and we get our 2nd trailer at James Gunn The Suicide Squad.

Nerdgasm News 4.1.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Researchers at MIT have come up with “Smart Clothing” to monitor your posture or take over the world PLUS Game of Thrones is becoming a Broadway show.

Nerdgasm News 3.31.21

Today in Nerdgasm: We congratulate Sian Proctor, an Arizona teacher/scientist that’s been selected as for SpaceX’s all civilian space flight at the end of this year and we learn which organ in your body shrinks when you’re in space

Nerdgasm News 3.30.21

Today in Nerdgasm: We celebrate Dasia Taylor, a teenager who found a way to use beet juice to help detect when your suture wound is infected. We also get into a possible new Thundercats movie as Rick and Morty drop a new season 5 trailer!

Nerdgasm News 3.29.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Disney announced the old and new faces returning for the new Obi-Wan Kenobi series, NASA determines when the real Armageddon will happen and San Diego Comic Con wants to hold an in person event this Thanksgiving and people aren’t having it. 

Nerdgasm News 3.26.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Disneyland announces plans of expanding their parks, The director of John Wick is working on a movie based off the video game Ghost of Tsushima and we got our first look at the new Suicide Squad trailer directed by James Gunn

Nerdgasm News 3.25.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Marvel’s working on a series for ECHO, the first Native American, deaf superhero. Disney’s promising us a National Treasure tv series that’ll focus on a younger audience and The Dark Crystal is getting a ballet adaptation

Nerdgasm News 3.24.21

Today in Nerdgasm: The Perseverance Rover is about ready to launch Ingenuity, the first ever helicopter to take flight on another planet PLUS! we have a new release date on Black Widow, Cruella and a ton of other movies

Nerdgasm News 3.23.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Humans aren’t the only ones trying to sell their art as an NFT, so is Sofia the artistic robot. In more robot talk, the creepy 4 legged robot named Dr. Spot is now seeing hospital patients to help reduce the spread of COVID.

Nerdgasm News 3.22.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Mrs. Doubtfire director confirms there’s a rated R version of the movie, Jim Carrey is working on a third Ace Ventura and a new episode of MOstalgia is up and ready for Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts.

Nerdgasm News 3.19.21

Today in Nerdgasm: A “potentially hazardous” asteroid is passing Earth this weekend, 3 Game of Thrones spinoffs are now in the works and the nominees for Video Game Hall of Fame are here!

Nerdgasm News 3.18.21

Today in Nerdgasm: NASA makes Mars history with the first ever recorded audio from Perseverance, Zack Snyder’s Justice League is out today + a new behind the scenes documentary and Disneyland is reopening April 30th however you’re not allowed to do this one important thing

Nerdgasm News 3.17.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Google wants to watch you sleep with the new Sleep Radar (creepy) while game developers Rockstar gaming just shelled out 10k to a GTA online player that fixed one of their loading time bugs. 

Nerdgasm News 3.16.21

Today in Nerdgasm: The creator of all things for the future, Elon Musk, has also created a new techno song about NFTs that he wants to sell for NFTs PLUS! Hot Wheels have created a Rainbow Road Mario Kart race track.

Nerdgasm News 3.15.21

Today in Nerdgasm: NASA is working with the Navajo Nation to informally name locations on Mars and I’ve started a new podcast about nostalgia called MOstalgia! Now with 85% MORE nighttime Rob!

Nerdgasm News 3.11.21

Today in Nerdgasm: We pay tribute to Louis Ottens, a man that was a catalyst of inspiration for so many because of his invention of the cassette tape. 

Nerdgasm News 3.10.21

Today In Nerdgasm: California gives our theme parks on official start date to let people back in and The Nightmare Before Christmas is getting a sequel, in the form of a novel. 

Nerdgasm News 3.9.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Pepe Le Pew is getting cut from the new Space Jam: A New Legacy movie and HBO Max accidentally airs Zack Snyder’s Justice League over the new Tom and Jerry movie. 

Nerdgasm News 3.8.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Disneyland and Universal Studios get the okay to open up in April with restrictions.

Nerdgasm News 3.5.21

Today in Nerdgasm: The ENTIRE cast of Lord Of The Rings are reuniting to help out Alamo Drafthouse and we get our first look at Space Jam: A new Legacy with a much cooler Lola Bunny.

Nerdgasm News 3.4.21

Today in Nerdgasm: The latest SpaceX starship finally had a successful landing, then minutes later explodes. Nintendo announced they’re giving us a bigger screen for the new Switches coming out this holiday season and the opening date for Super Nintendo World in Orlando has been pushed back to 2025

Nerdgasm News 3.3.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Japanese Billionaire Yusaka Meazawa is looking for 8 people to join him in a roundtrip flight around the moon in 2023. And in more space news, a Space Hotel is being built with hopes to open in 2025.

Nerdgasm News 3.2.21

Today in Nerdgasm: A new AI program called “Film” will help you remember the movie YOU can’t remember, Instagram now has their version of Zoom with Rooms and San Diego Comic Con is the latest comic con to cancel their live event, but they’re still doing a virtual one in July

Nerdgasm News 3.1.21

Today in Nerdgasm: A company wants you to unveil your superpowers for $250,000 (which sounds like a trap) and for those of you that dress up like superheroes, you’ll be sad to know Phoenix Fan Fusion has been cancelled this year

Nerdgasm News 2.25.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Paramount+ is gearing up for launch and they just announced a ton of reboots and movies coming to their streaming service. From a new 3D Rugrats series with the original cast returning, a new Reno 911 and Beavis and butthead movie. They’re also reviving Behind The Music and Yo! MTV Raps while Dave Grohl and his mom start a new show together “From the Cradle to the Stage”. 

Nerdgasm News 2.24.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Frogger is being turned into a game show, The Rubik’s Cube now has an app to help you solve it and Spider-Man 3 gets an official title

Nerdgasm News 2.23.21

Today in Nerdgasm: SpaceX has found their next civilian to orbit Earth, Twisted Metal is coming to the small screen and Fun Fact: Daft Punk almost made a video game!

Nerdgasm News 2.22.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Scientist have cloned their first North American endangered species: The black footed ferret. Disney+ have added disclaimers for The Muppets and Hot Topic are releasing a new Blockbuster eyeshadow based on their movie genres. 

Nerdgasm News 2.19.21

Today in Nerdgasm: The Mo Show boarding pass made it to Mars along with the Perseverance Rover, Science has determined the most hated bands of all time and we get our first look at the new Mortal Kombat trailer!

Nerdgasm News 2.18.21

Today in Nerdgasm: The Mars rover Perseverance lands on Mars today, Netflix and Tim Burton are working on an Addams Family spinoff based off Wednesday Addams and Nintendo announces a gang of games coming to the Switch!

Nerdgasm News 2.17.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Disney shares the first trailer for Cruella with Emma Stone, New emojis are coming to iPhones with the new iOs update and Krispy Kreme is preparing for the Perseverance rover landing on Mars with their new doughnut.

Nerdgasm News 2.16.21

Today in Nerdgasm: WandaVision is getting a behind the scenes documentary about their series, Pokemon is celebrating their 25th anniversary with a new Canadian tuxedo from Levis and Unsolved mysteries it getting a podcast!

Nerdgasm News 2.15.21

Today in Nerdgasm News: MTV’s The Real World is reuniting their first season cast for a Homecoming episode on Paramount+ and we got our first, real look at Zack Snyder’s trailer for Justice League

Nerdgasm News 2.12.21

Today in Nerdgasm: McDonald’s is having a problem keeping their 25th anniversary Pokemon cards in stock thanks to scalpers and the video game Borderlands is getting a movie adaptations that turning into a star studded event. 

Nerdgasm News 2.11.21

Today in Nerdgasm: Gina Carano is no longer a part of The Mandalorian, While Mando himself, Pedro Pascal, has been casted to play Joel in the new The Last of Us HBO series and they get his Game of Thrones co-star Bella Ramsey to play Ellie. PLUS HBO also announces they’re working on an origin story for Scooby Doo’s Velma and they plan on resurrecting Clone High!

Nerdgasm News 2.10.21

Today in Nerdgasm: The Wizard of Oz is getting a modern day re-imagining, while The Powerpuff Girls are getting a live action tv series on The CW. PLUS! We get our first look at Zack Snyder’s version of Joker for his Snyder Cut of Justice League

Nerdgasm News 2.9.2021

Today in Nerdgasm: Disneyland and California plan on opening back up next month with some BIG restrictions and the video Game expo E3 is returning this year, digitally. 

Nerdgasm News 2.5.2021

Today in Nerdgasm: Sonic the Hedgehog are becoming LEGOS, Mattel is making a movie based off the card game UNO and Rogers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella starring R&B singer Brandy and Whitney Houston is coming to Disney+!

Nerdgasm News 2.4.2021

Today in Nerdgasm: University of Arizona researchers are working on a COVID 19 test you can take on your phone with results in 15 minutes and LEGO’s created an ASMR playlist using nothing but LEGOs

Nerdgasm News 2.3.2021

Today in Nerdgasm: An unborn baby has created an album, SpaceX had a successful launch that included an explosion and I have a new pop culture podcast called MOstalgia! Find it on Spotify, iTunes and Youtube!

Nerdgasm News 2.2.2021

Today in Nerdgasm: SpaceX is trying to send civilians to space by the end of this year, A Wakanda TV series is coming to Disney+ and Westworld’s Jeffrey Wright is voicing Batman in a comedy podcast!

Nerdgasm News 2.1.2021

Today in Nerdgasm: Get those black leather trench coats ready, The Matrix 4 has an official title plus The Wonder Years reboot has found a home.

Nerdgasm News 1.29.2021

Today in Nerdgasm: If you listen to Spotify, they now want to literally listen to you. We also found out when Zack Snyder’s Justice League cut is premiering on HBO Max, along with G4TV!

Nerdgasm News 1.28.2021

Today in Nerdgasm: Disney has quietly removed some animated classics off of their kids profiles, Game of Thrones is getting an animated spinoff now and Gamestop is getting another shipment of PS5s and Xbox Series X

Nerdgasm News 1.27.2021

Today In Nerdgasm: LEGO has partnered up with Universal Music Group to create a Tik Tok for kids 7-10, streaming service Plex wants you to play Atari games with their new Plex Arcade and the USPS are now selling Star Wars droid stamps!

Nerdgasm News 1.26.2021

Today in Nerdgasm: You can now AirBnB a 7-Eleven and walk away with a PS5, Disneyland is promising to update another ride at their parks and HBO Max and Warner Bros confirm there is NO new Harry Potter TV Series in the works

Nerdgasm News 1.25.2021

Today in Nerdgasm: Microsoft is working on a patent to recreate people, living or dead. In other dead news, Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has a new series coming to Amazon Prime called “Invincible” in March!

Nerdgasm News 1.22.2021

Today in Nerdgasm: A new Game of Thrones spinoff is coming, there’s a new mood bracelet that reports to your boss if you’re happy or sad and we got our first look at the new Resident Evil VIII aka Village!

Nerdgasm News 1.21.2021 

Today in Nerdgasm: Scientists are working on making your smartwatches COVID detectors and they’re also working on making velcro *quieter*.

Nerdgasm News 1.20.2021

Today in Nerdgasm: Warner just got the golden ticket for a Willy Wonka prequel, a shuffle button is coming to Netflix this year and so is this awesome Animal Crossing makeup palette!

Nerdgasm News 1.19.2021

Today in Nerdgasm: Matt Damon joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Zack Snyder confirms his cut of Justice League will be a 4 hour long movie, not a mini series. 

Nerdgasm News 1.14.2021

Today in Nerdgasm: It’s all about VIDEO GAMES! Lucasfilms Games are releasing their first ever, open world Star Wars game and a new Indiana Jones Game! Plus, we’re getting a sequel to the 1999 N64 Pokemon Snap game, this April!

Nerdgasm News 1.13.2021

Today In Nerdgasm: Smart Masks are a big hit at CES this year. Like this one that’s like a fitbit for your face and another one that’s not only reusable, it also comes with some sweet glowing lights!

Nerdgasm News 1.12.2021

Today In Nerdgasm: A pop up restaurant you might recognize from Kevin Smith movies is coming to Phoenix, so is this new bluetooth facemask that’s also washable!

Nerdgasm News 1.11.2021

Today in Nerdgasm: Nickelodeon has made the NFL slimier with their new broadcast and life has found a way to understand dogs with this new smart collar.

Nerdgasm News 1.8.2021

Today in Nerdgasm: You can now own a monolith sized replica of David Hasslehoff from The Spongebob Squarepants movie and we now have a time crisis on our hands because THE EARTH IS SPINNING WAY TOO FAST!

Nerdgasm News 1.7.2021

Today In Nerdgasm: A new Where’s Waldo Vans collection is coming plus The Mandalorian and friends are coming to Disney parks.

Nerdgasm News 1.6.2021

Today In Nerdgasm: A new toy movie in development that’s about as puzzling as Tenet and some smart people have invented a healing gun the shoots out webs like you’re Spider-man!

Nerdgasm News 1.5.2021

Today in Nerdgasm: We’re getting a trio of Batmans in 2022 and perks of subscribing to Peacock for fans of The Office

Nerdgasm News 1.4.2021

Today in Nerdgasm: Samsung announces a preview for their upcoming Galaxy phone and this Disney+ series was the highest pirated show of 2020… 

Nerdgasm News 12.16.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: The 90s prehistoric sitcom Dinosaurs is coming the this streaming service and say goodbye to one of Twitter’s declining features

Nerdgasm News 12.15.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: Paramount is working on a Dungeons and Dragons movie starring this Star Trek actor, the cast of the Sopranos are reuniting for charity and a reminder Netflix is removing The Office from their streaming service at the beginning of 2021. 

Nerdgasm News 12.14.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: Pfizer and BioTech have the green light on their COVID 19 vaccine, One of the Doctors from Dr. Who is coming to The Game of Thrones Prequel “House of The Dragon” and game developers for Cyberpunk 2077 are giving you a full refund if your graphics suck. 

Nerdgasm News 12.11.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: OMG! My face is still melting from Disney’s Investor Day yesterday! Basically announcing new series and movies coming to everything Disney owns from Lucasfilms to Pixar to Marvel. You might wanna sit down for all this…

Nerdgasm News 12.10.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: The cast of ELF is reunited for a fundraiser and the long awaited Cyberpunk 2077 is finally here along with some x-rated glitches… 

Nerdgasm News 12.9.2020

Today in nerdgasm: Marvel has cast a massive web to bring in a bunch of character from the spiderverse for the new spider-man 3 movie next year! Check out the recap to find out who!

Nerdgasm News 12.8.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: Apple users rejoice! They announced a few new devices and products coming to a home near you. One of them is the long awaited over-the-ear head phones with a hefty price tag and a new fitness streaming service. 

Nerdgasm News 12.7.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: Warner Bros plans on releasing their new movies in 2021 in theaters and HBO Max AT THE SAME TIME! And it looks like we’re getting a Metal Gear Solid movie starring this Star Wars actor!

Nerdgasm News 12.3.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: The FDA has approved a device to help those who suffer from PTSD and nightmares, PLUS! Microsoft is trying to patent a way to score your work ethic

Nerdgasm News 12.2.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: A fellowship is forming to help save J.R.R. Tolkien’s home and it’s SEGA’s 60th anniversary!

Nerdgasm News 12.1.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: Vertical Streaming service Quibi officially shuts down today, We have a new Toxic Avenger with this Game of Thrones Actor and Disney+ celebrates Chadwick Boseman’s 44th birthday

Nerdgasm News 11.30.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: We pay tribute to David Drowse aka Darth Vader as the 6’6 body building actor passed away at the age of 88, while in other news, Super Nintendo World in Japan has announced a new opening date in February

Nerdgasm News 11.24.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: Jeopardy has found their first guest host, you can now have Mando and Baby Yoda visit your phone and Super Mario Bros 3 has become the highest selling game at an auction

Nerdgasm News 11.23.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: we got an update on two upcoming Marvel Movies. First, Marvel has confirmed they’ll start working on the sequel to Black Panther in July PLUS! They’re also working on Deadpool 3 as it will be Disney’s first Rated R movie in the MCU

Nerdgasm News 11.20.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: NASA is pushing back their trip to the moon in 2024 plus the new/rebooted Animaniacs is out today!

Nerdgasm News 11.19.2020

Today In Nerdgasm: Wonder Woman 1984 is getting a 2020 release, Apple TV+ is sharing their Charlie Brown Holiday Specials with PBS and NASA is sending human remains to the moon.

Nerdgasm News 11.18.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: We have an update on Pfizer’s COVID vaccine, LEGO is releasing a new Super Mario Expansion set and Fortnite is getting an in game video chat!

Nerdgasm News 11.17.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: Twitter introduces their version of stories called “Fleets” and the Super Mario 35th anniversary continues with these new Super Mario 3D All Star inspired shoes by PUMA!

Nerdgasm News 11.16.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: SpaceX Crew Dragon had a successful launch this weekend carrying 4 astronauts to the ISS, The 80’s classic “Short Circuit” is getting a remake and Chris Pratt aka Star Lord is joining the cast of Thor 4!

Nerdgasm News 11.13.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: It’s all about Reunions! Friends have finally reschedule their long overdue reunion plus we get a preview of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reunion. In other news, the long promised Halo TV show that we’ve been talking about for over a decade have cast their voice for Cortana.

Nerdgasm News 11.12.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: WandaVision has a new release date for Disney+, People are creating hoax videos of the new Xbox gaming consoles over heating and the new Playstation 5 is out today!

Nerdgasm News 11.11.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: NASA has officially certified SpaceX Crew Dragon and the Falcon 9 Rocket for commercial space flights and Dr. Suess’s The Grinch is being turned into a musical this winter!

Nerdgasm News 11.10.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: Netflix is testing a new TV Channel feature, we found out that the 1st episode of WandaVision was filmed in front of a live studio audience and the Xbox Series X and Series S is out today!!!

Nerdgasm News 11.9.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: Pharmaceutical company Pfizer have created a COVID-19 vaccine with 90% effectiveness and in some non science news, Rick and Morty are getting a Pickle Rick inspired Seltzer that tastes like pickles.

Nerdgasm News 11.6.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: Astronomers have found a Hell like planet and no it’s not Earth. In some less disturbing news, NEW EMOJIS ARE HERE (but only for iPhones….)

Nerdgasm News 11.5.2020 

Today in Nerdgasm: We got our first look at the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special that blows the original right out of the galaxy PLUS! a reminder to all wanting to stand in line to get a PS5 next week

Nerdgasm News 11.4.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: Scientists have figured out how to control your smelly feet with these socks PLUS! The Mandalorian is getting some new kicks thanks to Adidas!

Nerdgasm News 11.3.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: Apple TV is coming to an Xbox near you, Amazon’s teamed up with Nintendo for some sweet Mario Themed boxes and Twitch has announced GlitchCon!

Nerdgasm News 11.2.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: NASA celebrates 20 years of being on the International Space Station PLUS! Researchers at MIT have developed a new AI app to determine if you’re positive for COVID-19.

Nerdgasm News 10.30.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: Netflix is raising their prices, the Hocus Pocus reunion is happening tonight and so is the premiere of The Mandalorian Season 2!

Nerdgasm News 10.29.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: The creator of Samurai Jack and Dexter’s Laboratory is rebooting Tiny Tunes while The Mandalorian and The Child are being displayed in one of the world’s most prestigious Art Galleries

Nerdgasm News 10.28.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: NASA makes another discovery and it’s METAL AF! And while NASA’s making big discoveries, I’ve discovered Play Doh is making scents for adults

Nerdgasm News 10.27.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: Two casts are reuniting for an election virtual fundraiser: Rocky Horror Picture Show and Superbad, Marvel may have found their Moon Knight in Oscar Isaac and a new Assassin’s Creed TV Series is coming to Netflix.

Nerdgasm News 10.26.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: NASA discovers water on the moon, the FDA has approved their first drug to treat COVID-19 and a new Foundation has been set up to honor the late Mythbuster host, Grant Imahara

Nerdgasm News 10.23.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: Director Tim Burton is working on an Addams Family TV Series and some McGenius has created an app to find out if your local McDonald’s ice cream machines are broken

Nerdgasm News 10.22.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: We say goodbye to Quibi, Jared Leto is reprising his role as Joker in Zack Snyder’s Justice League and Reebok is crossing streams with The Ghostbusters for these new sneakers

Nerdgasm News 10.21.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: We congratulate the smart folks at ASU and UofA for assisting NASA with their asteroid landing and sample collection plus science also determined this 2012 movie is the scariest movie of all time!

Nerdgasm News 10.20.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: There’s a petition to restore Blockbusters as museums, You can now play Xbox games on you Apple devices and we got our 2nd look at season 2 of The Mandalorian!

Nerdgasm News 10.19.2020

Today In Nerdgasm: NASA is granting Nokia a chance to put 4G on the moon, Michael B. Jordan is producing a live action version of Static Shock and LEGO is releasing a Fender Stratocaster Set!

Nerdgasm News 10.16.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: Disney+ are making progressive changes to their streaming service plus rumors on having Tobey McGuire and Andrew Garfield in the new Spiderman 3 movie with Tom Holland!

Nerdgasm News 10.12.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: a new Green Lantern series has been green lit for HBO Max, Animaniacs spoofs Jurassic Park in their teaser trailer for the rebooted series and Disney is working on a Space Mountain movie

Nerdgasm News 10.9.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: Elon’s Tesla and Starman dummy have finally made a pass near Mars, Pixar’s SOUL is coming to Disney+ for free and Robert Kirkman’s comic Invincible is being turned into an animated series on Amazon Prime!

Nerdgasm News 10.8.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: Something STRANGE is coming to Spiderman’s neighborhood, The US Space Force is turning to The Mandalorian to help them train and one remaster to rule them all is coming: The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit trilogies in 4k, UHD Ultra Blu Ray!

Nerdgasm News 10.7.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: Super Nintendo World just showed off some of their tasty treats plus a new open day. Fans of Parks and Recreation can now treat themselves to a new children’s book called “Leslie Knope Runs for Class President” and another book for my mutant fans: The X-Men Animated Series Art Book!

Nerdgasm News 10.6.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: The new movie DUNE has now been added to the growing list of postponed movies this year and HBO has finally started casting for their prequel “House of Dragons”

Nerdgasm News 10.5.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: The cast of Dazed and Confused are reuniting to help Voter Registration, The Snoopy Show is coming to Apple TV and we got our first look at Geralt for season 2 of The Witcher!

Nerdgasm News 10.2.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: Marvel hit us with a shocker by recasting Jaime Foxx as Electro for the new Spiderman 3 movie out in 2021 and another rebooted which movie is coming for the 1990 classic The Witches. I might be under their spell right now because it actually looks pretty good.


Nerdgasm News 10.1.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: Someone must have lit the black flame candle because we have some fun Hocus Pocus news between a cast reunion and a new Sanderson Sisters wine they’ve conjured up, PLUS! Marvel has found their Ms. Marvel for a new Disney+ series coming. 

Nerdgasm News 9.30.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: General Mills is spreading some holiday breakfast cheer with their new “Elf” cereal and we got our first look at The Craft: Legacy.

Nerdgasm News 9.29.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: Disney+ has confirmed they are launching a Group Watch feature (and just in time for season 2 of The Mandalorian) PLUS! The Lion King is getting ANOTHER reboot…. 

Nerdgasm News 9.28.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: Nick Fury is getting a spin off series on Disney+, NASA wants you to help them create Lunar Powered devices for their trip to the moon in 2024 and Nickelodeon is coming out with a documentary called “The Orange Years”!

Nerdgasm News 9.25.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: Amazon revamped and debuted some new devices at their annual hardware conference , The Boys are getting a spinoff and Disney debuts a new tribute mural to Chadwick Boseman at the Downtown Disney District in California. 

Nerdgasm News 9.24.2020

Today in Nerdgasm News: DC is working on a Suicide Squad spin off starring John Cena, Zack Snyder is adding more scenes to his cut of Justice League and a list of all of Disney and Fox’s movies that are getting postponed including all of Marvel’s phase 4.

Nerdgasm News 9.23.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: Japan has been working on a real life GUNDAM, we’re about to like Daft Punk with this new PPE coming out and Supergirl hangs up her cape after 6 seasons on the CW

Nerdgasm News 9.22.2020

Today In Nerdgasm: Star Wars shows us the way to Mando Mondays, another asteroid is passing REALLY close to earth and SURPRISE! Falcon and Winter Soldier are postponed AGAIN!

Nerdgasm News 9.21.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: Tik Tok is officially here to stay, we got another preview of Marvel’s Wandavision and it’s Batman Day!

Nerdgasm News 9.18.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: A new reality TV show is going to meet you into space, LEGOs are working on becoming more sustainable for the environment and Marvel has found their She-Hulk!

Nerdgasm News 9.17.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: It’s all about the PS5 today! Not only did we get info about pricing, release dates and pre-order info, we also got a teaser for some NEW games and something special Playstation Plus Subscribers are getting. 

Nerdgasm News 9.16.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: American Girl dolls is introducing a new gaming doll that’s a Pac-Man champ and future video game developer, She-Hulk is coming to Disney+ and they just found a director plus we a new trailer for season 2 of The Mandalorian!

Nerdgasm News 9.15.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: NASA may have found signs of life on Venus, Youtube is launching their own form of Tik Tok and Microsoft has created a gaming cloud service with over 150 games!

Nerdgasm News 9.14.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: The Arizona State Fair finds a way for us to still enjoy one of their popular exhibits virtually, CBS is coming out with a documentary about Nintendo vs. SEGA and more movies getting postponed and I think I jinxed it… 

Nerdgasm News 9.11.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: We find out The Scream Queen herself is back in this horror movie franchise, The Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World video game is coming back and Ninja has back home on Twitch!

Nerdgasm News 9.10.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: We say an early goodbye The Walking Dead but not everyone is saying goodbye, Netflix is adding A TON of  movies for Halloween and we got a sweet trailer for the new Dune movie!

Nerdgasm News 9.9.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: Back To The Future is coming to theaters but not in the way you think, Xbox released deets on their next gen consoles, We’re getting a prequel game to Zelda:Breath of the Wild plus we got our first look at season 2 of The Mandalorian!

Nerdgasm News 9.8.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: We celebrate Star Trek Day plus The Princess Bride is reuniting this upcoming Sunday and Amazon’s Comixology is helping Wakanda live in our hearts forever with free comics!

Nerdgasm News 9.4.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: The 35th anniversary of Super Mario continues as they’re bringing some classic 3D All Star games to the switch and a new way to play Mario Kart IRL. We also celebrate the 54th anniversary of Star Trek and Burger King’s whopper of an idea for “touchless” food.

Nerdgasm News 9.3.2020

Today in Nerdgasm: You won’t have to wait long to watch Mulan for free on Disney+, The Mandalorian Season 2 gets a release date, Amazon rolls out Twitch Prime watch parties and we got a trailer for Netflix’s new doc on The Challenger Space Shuttle.

Nerdgasm News 9.2.2020

Today in Nerdgasm we get into rumors about watch parties coming to Disney+, A pair of glasses that can keep you focused and Amazon music teaming up with Twitch streaming

Nerdgasm News 9.1.2020

Today in Nerdgasm one of the FRESHEST 90s sitcoms is celebrating their 30th anniversary with a reunion and Netflix is letting you watch for free! (well kind of…)

Nerdgasm News 8.31.2020

Today in Nerdgasm, we pay tribute to fallen Avenger Chadwick Boseman aka Black Panther who lost his battle with Colon Cancer. 

Nerdgasm News 8.28.2020

Today in Nerdgasm we celebrate astronaut Jeanette Epps as she’ll be a first for this groundbreaking event with NASA. Plus Ikea joins forces with LEGO and we’re getting another mutation of Resident Evil.

Nerdgasm News 8.27.2020

The FDA just approved a new $5 COVID-19 test you can take at home. Then in some video game news, we talk about the new Call of Duty game coming this Nov. and how to get your hands on the new PS5 since Sony’s releasing a limited amount of them. 

Nerdgasm News 8.26.2020

Tim The Tool Man Taylor is rebooting his Home Improvement show to a reality TV show, Xbox is working on 3 sweet DC superhero inspired consoles and Cobra Kai is getting another spin off in the form of a video game!

Nerdgasm News 8.25.2020

We’ve got Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice in Nerdgasm today, thanks to the Powerpuff girls! Plus, The Mandalorian gets a sweet vinyl box set and The Arizona Science Center is helping kids with their online schooling!

Nerdgasm News 8.24.2020

Holy movie trailers Batman! DC FanDome was this weekend and we got a slew of trailers for The Batman, Wonder Woman 1984, James Gunn’s Suicide Squad and the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League!

Nerdgasm News 8.14.2020

Parents and students rejoice! Google is dropping a new feature to help you with your math homework and we’re getting another Star Wars Holiday Special that promises to be lightyears away from the 1978 special that everyone wants to forget. 

Nerdgasm News 8.13.2020

One our of favorite ALT artists collaborated with NASA to reimagine for one of his 2019 albums, Google wants to use your phone to study earthquakes and one of the popular tricks on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater is getting renamed!

Nerdgasm News 8.12.2020

I hope you still have your Blockbuster membership cards if you wanna spend the night inside the last store known to man! Plus The Fresh Prince is getting a re-imagining and there’s been confirmation of when we’re getting an Xbox Series X!

Nerdgasm News 8.11.2020

We’ve got more reboots and spinoff talk in Nerdgasm today. One of Spongebob Squarepants bestie is getting a late night talk show, there’s a Three Men and a Baby reboot coming with one of the stars from High School Musical and Chipotle wants you to play the new Tony Hawk Pro Skater demo!

Nerdgasm News 8.10.2020

Today in Nerdgasm, Japan has been working on a “Smart” face mask, Friends is getting delayed again (no surprise…) and we have a release date and streaming service that’s airing Animaniacs!

Nerdgasm News 8.7.2020

Today in Nerdgasm, we get into some “Keanews” as one of his movies is dropping a week earlier than scheduled and he’s working on the 5th installment in this franchise. Plus Marvel is helping director Nic DeCosta make history in the MCU!

Nerdgasm News 8.6.2020

Today in Nerdgasm Comedy Central’s rebooting another 90s classic cartoon from our childhood and bringing it to adult hood, Instagram launches their version of Tik Tok and director Ridley Scott is making his TV Series debut with a new show called “Raised By Wolves”!

Nerdgasm News 8.5.2020

Today in Nerdgasm this indefinitely delayed Disney movie is coming to Disney+, Google assistant is helping your kids get on an online school schedule and we got a final trailer for season 2 of The Boys!

Nerdgasm News 8.4.2020

Today in Nerdgasm, The Simpsons are getting a new line of apparel and accessories thanks to Vans, Scientists are working on  “electronic skin” for people with prosthetics and you can’t use this gaming controller for a new console coming this year.

Nerdgasm News 8.3.2020

Today in Nerdgasm, we celebrate the SpaceX Dragon Crew coming back home, a new wearable mouthpiece might control our future and a new documentary about Spawn comic book creator Todd McFarlane is here!