Nerdgasm News 8.4.2020

Today in Nerdgasm, The Simpsons are getting a new line of apparel and accessories thanks to Vans, Scientists are working on  “electronic skin” for people with prosthetics and you can’t use this gaming controller for a new console coming this year.

Nerdgasm News 8.3.2020

Today in Nerdgasm, we celebrate the SpaceX Dragon Crew coming back home, a new wearable mouthpiece might control our future and a new documentary about Spawn comic book creator Todd McFarlane is here!

Nerdgasm 7.31.20

Today in Nerdgasm, Pac Man celebrates their 40th anniversary with Hasbro, Your Echo Dot is about to be cuter thanks to baby Yoda and Netflix has picked up another video game for another Netflix Series.

Nerdgasm 7.30.20

Today in Nerdgasm, Nasa sends 2 rovers to Mars! Plus there’s a new species of this insect now named after some of our Avengers and George R. R. Martin’s going to jail?!

Nerdgasm 7.29.20

Today in Nerdgasm we find out who else could’ve played Marty McFly in the Back To The Future 35th anniversary box set, life found a way to give us an animated Jurassic World series and the video game Cuphead has made it to another gaming console!

Nerdgasm 7.28.20

Today in Nerdgasm, scientists want you to catch and show and potentially catch COVID for science, more rumors of another Star Wars series with a sith lord, and a new Witcher spinoff is coming!

Nerdgasm 7.27.20

Today in Nerdgasm: One of the movies that haven’t been delayed gets a surprise cameo from one of the original stars, We got our first sneak peek of Zack Snyder’s Justice League and we’re going back to Mars this week!

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