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Easy Life – Dead Celebrities

In what’s already been a breakout 2020, Easy Life have just been named the “Best New British Act of 2020” at the NME Awards in London.The band has continued to refine their charismatic but confessional way with the minutiae of everyday life. Theirs is a genre-busting attitude that, like many of their generation, draws no line between a love of hip-hop, R&B, and great British storytellers.

Easy Life has unveiled their brilliant new single ‘Dead Celebrities’ to critical applause.  The Leicester five-piece, all barely in their twenties bring a fresh perspective to life “with the stars” in Hollywood and beyond.  As the band are surely beginning to find out, there’s a lot more to this musical adventure than they may have expected when they started making music in their living rooms. 

Here’s to a great continuation to 2020 and good vibes to all those people looking to live life on the easy side.


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