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New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert reveals harrowing medical ordeal: “[I] was minutes from death”

Mike Lewis Photography/Redferns

New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert has revealed he spent the last two weeks in the hospital due to a cancerous tumor.

In an Instagram post, Gilbert relates his harrowing journey, which began on December 5 when his wife Lisa found him “unresponsive in bed.”

“I’d been waking up drenched in sweat the last few days and we thought I was sick,” Gilbert shares. “Not being able to wake me, she called 911 and performed CPR and mouth to mouth. Apparently I was doing something called ‘agonal breathing’ and was minutes from death.”

Gilbert was then taken to the emergency room, and was diagnosed with a rare tumor called a pheochromocytoma. While usually benign, Gilbert’s pheochromocytoma turned out to be malignant, and required surgery.

The procedure took place on December 13, and successfully removed the tumor while leaving Gilbert with an “insanely big” scar. After a few days of recovery, Gilbert returned home on December 19.

“I’m home with my wife and baby and so thankful to be alive!” Gilbert writes.


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