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New Stranger Things teaser trailer and release date PLUS KFC’s new Smartphone and Game Of Thrones Watch Party In Phoenix in Nerdgasm News!

Stranger Things seas 2


New Stranger Things Teaser Trailer and Poster

Stranger Things seas 2

Netflix is droppin some awesome news and more teaser trailers for the new season of Stranger Things!  Looks like the new season will start the Friday before Halloween which looks like a perfect segue into the first episode as we see the boys in classic Ghostbusters costumes in the midst of trick or treating. The cast of ST has hinted a few times that this next season’s gonna be darker and much scarier than the last season. So stock up on Eggos and get ready for the season to air on Netflix October 27th. St


KFC Phone coming to China

KFC is really hard with technology to try and get their chicken in your face again! This year they’re about to hit their 30th anniversary for being in China and the only way they thought to celebrate it, was to release a brand new KFC smartphone and yes, it’s totally real. Because when you think greasy, you think smart phone right? It’s your basic, red smart phone preloaded with the KFC app that’ll let you control the music in whatever KFC you’re at in China.

Game of Thrones Premiere Party at Pub Rock

GoT Watch Party poster