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Nine Inch Nails selling face masks with interchangeable messages

Scott Dudelson/WireImage

When you wear a face mask, it’s harder to convey and understand other people’s moods and facial expressions. Luckily, Nine Inch Nails has a solution.

Trent Reznor‘s band has launched a new line of face masks that allow you to display interchangeable messages via different patches on the front. The “starter pack” comes with the Nine Inch Nails logo, as well as 12 words including “Broken,” “Numb,” “Dirty,” “Fragile” and “Pig” — which, if we’d have to guess, probably make up about 50% percent of the lyrics on The Downward Spiral.

If that’s not enough for you, you can also purchase a “mask expansion pack,” which includes another 13 unique patches.

The mask, by the way, is titled the “INASAAIBIS Mask,” which stands for “I’m Not a Selfish A**hole and I Believe in Science.”

You can order yours now via NIN.com.

By Josh Johnson
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