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Of Monsters and Men plans to be “recording and writing a lot” this year

Matt Jelonek/Wire Image

If you miss your “Little Talks” with Of Monsters and Men, then you have something to look forward to in 2022.

As vocalist Ragnar “Raggi” Þórhallsson tells ABC Audio, the Icelandic outfit’s plans for this year include “recording and writing a lot” and “releasing stuff along the way.” He adds that isolating amid the COVID-19 pandemic has had a big impact on the direction of the new material.

“I think you kinda are forced to deal with yourself,” Raggi says. “That opens up a lot of floodgates when it comes to writing.”

Last year, Of Monsters and Men reissued their debut album My Head Is an Animal in celebration of its 10th anniversary, which Raggi says has also influenced the new stuff.

“It was nice to reconnect with this first album,” he shares. “There’s a lot there that just shaped us and is important to us.”

Of Monsters and Men’s most recent album is 2019’s Fever Dream, which they’ve since followed with two one-off singles: 2020’s “Visitor” and 2021’s “Destroyer.” As for whether those tracks reflect anything about what’s to come, Raggi and vocalist Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir agree that they do, “in a way.”

“I feel like we’ve often gone into an album and been, like, ‘OK, it’s gonna be this,'” Nanna says.

She laughs, “Then we finish it and it’s not, at all.”

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