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Of Monsters and Men’s Nanna releases debut solo track, “Godzilla”

M Nanna 011323
Republic Records

Of Monsters and Men vocalist Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir has released her debut solo single, “Godzilla.”

“The concept of the song was inspired by the early Godzilla classics,” Nanna explains. “I somehow resonated and felt empathetic with this big monstrous thing on the screen.”

“I felt that Godzilla, while being so destructive, ultimately means well and simply wants to exist but finds itself in a world in which it doesn’t belong,” she continues. “It’s about feeling out of place, like a villain in a story, yet having someone rooting for you when you’ve made a big mess.”

You can listen to “Godzilla” now via digital outlets and watch its accompanying video streaming on YouTube.

Of Monsters and Men’s most recent album is 2019’s Fever Dream. They released a new single called “This Happiness” last April.

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