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Palaye Royale reflects on When We Were Young experience: “It was very nostalgic, to say the least”

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Palaye Royale was among the many bands to play the much-hyped When We Were Young festival this year, which basically recreated a mid-2000s Hot Topic in Las Vegas with its lineup of emo and pop-punk artists. For the “Broken” rockers, who hail from Sin City, playing a festival like When We Were Young in their hometown made it extra exciting.

“If you would’ve said all those bands would’ve been playing together for one night in Las Vegas five years ago, you’d be, like, ‘Not happening,'” guitarist Sebastian Danzig tells ABC Audio.

As one of the relatively newer bands on the lineup, Palaye Royale was surrounded by scene vets at When We Were Young.

“It’s just interesting to see all these bands are coming back out of the grave,” Danzig says. “It was very nostalgic, to say the least.”

Danzig was especially excited to see Paramore headline When We Were Young; he cites the “Misery Business” outfit’s career as one Palaye Royale aspires to emulate.

“There’s bands like Paramore that have had such an arc of a career,” Danzig says. “That’s kind of what you want to do, in a sense that they’ve kept reinventing themselves.”

“They’re changing their sounds dramatically through their career,” he continues. “You really can’t pinpoint it besides Hayley Williams‘ vocals [are], like, a thread through their career.”

Danzig feels that Palaye Royale has that kind of voice in frontman Remington Leith. In fact, they’ve already begun working on a new album to follow October’s Fever Dream, which Leith describes as “completely different” from its predecessor.

“I think that’s what we’re fortunate to have with Remington, he has such a distinctive voice,” Danzig says.

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