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Paramore’s Hayley Williams is leaving personal social media accounts

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Hayley Williams is getting off of her social media accounts.

In a final Instagram post, the Paramore frontwoman shares that she’s been using social media since she was 15, and while it had been a “mostly beautiful part” of her job as a musician, she “just [doesn’t] want” to keep using personal accounts.

“I’ve carefully considered this decision for almost a year now,” Williams writes. “Now I know for sure that my desire to move away from personal accounts…is based on nothing more than my interest in keeping a boundary between a public and a private life, and wanting to spend more time looking up and out, rather than down.”

Williams adds that she has “no judgement” toward anyone who continues to use or find joy in social media.

“Just a huge encouragement to anyone needing permission to create more boundaries and space to grow,” she says. “Sometimes ‘no’ is the kindest thing you can say to anyone! Even yourself.”

Williams still encourages fans to follow Paramore’s social accounts for updates on the band.


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