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Paranoid Android: Radiohead is now on TikTok

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

If this past year hasn’t been dystopian enough for you, Radiohead is now on TikTok.

Yes, the band that recorded OK Computer has signed up for the ever-popular video-sharing social networking platform. Their first TikTok is a black-and-white clip of the mysterious Chieftan Mews, a character used by Radiohead in their web broadcasts.

“This is your wake-up call,” Mews says eerily in between just repeating the phrase “TikTok” over and over again.

Time will tell if Radiohead’s TikTok excursion is here to stay or if Thom Yorke and company are just having some April Fools’ Day fun. Either way, you can follow them now via the handle @Radiohead.

By Josh Johnson
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