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Pavement inspires new ‘Slanted! Enchanted!’ off-Broadway musical

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Andrea Friedrich/Redferns

Wowee zowee, Pavement has inspired a musical.

The off-Broadway production is titled Slanted! Enchanted! A Pavement Musical and will stage “workshop performances” at New York City’s Sheen Center on December 1-2.

A description of the musical reads, “The majesty and mystery of Pavement, one of rock music’s most unique treasures, brought to life on the theater stage for an abbreviated, unforgettable stand.”

Slanted! Enchanted! will be directed by Her Smell filmmaker Alex Ross Perry. The cast includes Michael Esper and Kathryn Gallagher, who previously had roles in Green Day‘s American Idiot and Alanis Morissette‘s Jagged Little Pill musicals, respectively.

For more info, visit SheenCenter.org.

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