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Pokemon meet up with Mo!

Pokemon Go youtube

    Everyone and their mom is playing Pokemon Go since it’s release last Thursday. You can’t even drive around without spotting someone trying to catch a Pokemon or checking out a Pokestop. So why not we all meet up and train together?

    This Friday, July 15th between 9pm and 11pm, I’m hosting a meet up at the Tempe Beach Park entrance on Rio Salado and Mill Ave. From there, we will have 2 hours to catch Pokemon together at the park. This is a free event, we’re just meeting up. We do ask that you’re over the age of 18 but if you have children, you are more than welcome to bring them along. Just make sure you keep an eye on em. Keep in mind, there will be a lot of people there and we will be near water.

    Now here’s the best part: While you’re out catching Pokemon, take pictures of em and add anything with ALT AZ 93-3 in the background, post it on any social media outlet using the hashtag #PokemonMo and you’ll be entered in a contest for tickets to some BIG shows coming to the valley. Shows like Silversun Pickups, Ben Harper, Soul Asylum, Rebelution, Warped Tour and even TWENTY ONE PILOTS tickets, will also be up for grabs. I say get creative with it! Make a poster with the logo on it, or even a t-shirt… whatever you think will help your chances of winning. (Having a rare Pokemon in the picture also helps) There’s no limit to how many pics you post, do as many as you would like 😀 Just don’t forget to use the hashtag #PokemonMo or your pics won’t count.

    At 10:55pm, we will meet back up at the Rural and Mill entrance to TBP and I will announce some winners at 11pm.

    Directions to the meet up are below. Check out our Facebook even page, let us know if you’ll be there. I hope to see a lot of you!


    feature photo via Youtube