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Prepare for “cringiness” on Badflower’s new album

Credit: Jordan Wolfbauer

Badflower announced their latest album This Is How the World Ends with “Family,” a deeply dark, serious and emotionally vulnerable song about frontman Josh Katz‘s relationship with his own family. But, as Katz tells ABC Audio, the whole record isn’t as dark as that track.

“‘Family’ is emotional and it hits you in the heart, but in a very dark way that isn’t really comfortable,” Katz explains. “We did a comfortable, emotional version of it, too. I think it’s comfortable, at least.”

Writing dark and vulnerable songs isn’t exactly new for Katz, but, in the past, he’s balanced that out with a unique sense of self-deprecating humor in songs like “30” or “x ANA x.” “Family” notwithstanding, that sense of humor is still all over the new album.

“Yeah, like a lot,” Katz says. “All throughout it.”

Indeed, the “Family” follow-up singles “Don’t Hate Me” and “F**boi” have certainly proved that out to be true.

“If you like this band, you’ve got to be ready for some degree of cringiness,” Katz says. “You’ve got ready for that, ‘Oh, I can’t believe he said that, oh god.’ ‘Cause it’s coming, it’s just what I do.”

This Is How the World Ends, the sophomore follow-up to 2019’s OK, I’m Sick, arrives September 24.

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