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Prepare to leave your feet for AJR’s ‘Billboard’ Music Awards performance

Credit: Shervin Lainez

AJR‘s performance on the Billboard Music Awards this weekend may have you dancing in the metaphorical aisles of your living room.

The trio — made up of brothers Adam, Jack and Ryan Met — will be playing their current single “Way Less Sad” during the show. Speaking to ABC Audio, Ryan shares that “Way Less Sad” is meant to be a bright, rousing number akin to “Let the Sunshine In” from the musical Hair.

“We wanted that to be the song where everybody’s up dancing in the aisles,” Ryan says.

“‘Cause they’re gonna be seated for the rest of the entire concert,” Jack laughs. “That’s the one time where they stand up at our show.”

Jack adds that he sees “Way Less Sad” taking on an important role in AJR’s future live shows.

“It’s a perfect end song in general,” he says. “We’ll probably end our shows with it from now on.”

Interestingly, “Way Less Sad” is not the closing song on AJR’s new album, OK ORCHESTRA. It’s actually the second-to-last song on the record, followed by the track “Christmas in June.” As Jack explains, the album sequencing on OK ORCHESTRA was very deliberate.

“When you listen to ‘Christmas in June,’ it gives the album a whole new meaning,” Jack says. “It’s a very mature step up.”

“You’re, like, ‘Oh, whoa, OK, now I see why you put this last,'” he continues. “It brought [the album] back to this very emotional, real state. So we did that consciously.” 

AJR’s Billboard Music Awards performance will also feature a rendition of their hit “Bang!” The ceremony airs this Sunday, May 23, on NBC.

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