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Pumpkin Fest at the Princess: Fall fun for all ages


Pumpkin and apple spiced drinks might mark the beginning of fall but the stroke of midnight on October first kicks off the Halloween season. Decorative pumpkins get painted black or carved into faces and you start keeping little stashes of “mini” candies around the house.

I even found a good enough reason to pack up the family and leave the house. One of my favorite properties around the valley recently opened up their Pumpkin Fest activities! Last year was my first time and I was pregnant so I couldn’t engage in all the family fun aspects of it all. This time around I had Shiloh which is my excuse to check out the kids area and get a real feel for what it’s all about.


At Pumpkinfest you’re going to find iconic fall stops like a pumpkin patch, place to snag some amazing pie, picture perfect stacks of hay- but you’ll also find something you’re only going to find at the Fairmont Princess.

For the kids, a fall carnival! Rides, games, and a place for s’mores all await for the family ready for fun. Lines weren’t a problem when I was there over the weekend and there are opportunities to sanitize your hands throughout.


For the adults, the Spookeasy is a favorite stop. Specialty drinks can only be found at the hidden spook-tacular bar located inside of the Plaza Bar. Not a drinker? Then the all new cider orchard should be a pit stop for you!

Speaking of new, something for all ages is the brand new mystic passage! That’s where we started our journey. I brought my husband, the in-laws and my 7 months old son with me and the mystic passage was what had everyone talking. It was another world just steps away from a fall paradise. Here’s a peek (below.)


Drinks at the Spookeasy were an obvious go-to but I won’t reveal more! Find the surprises for yourself. You quickly find your way to the fair area complete with a child’s dream… hay maze, rides, games, s’mores and a medley of other fall flavors available for purchase.

To no one’s surprise, I love all the photo opportunities. Every corner you turn is a thoughtfully put together display and at several locations they even have a staff member stationed to take a photo for you. Moms, you can actually get in a photo for once!

I’d recommend this either to a family with kids under 12 or to a young couple looking for a fall outing!


The Fairmont Princess is one of my top places to visit. It’s always dressed to the season, has an incredible staff willing to help with whatever (even a golf cart ride to your car,) and great food. I haven’t had a bad meal yet and I’ve been to every restaurant. Finally for true relaxation, visit their Wellness & Being Spa. Right now it has special fall treatments but there isn’t a bad time to go. On top of your service you will gain access to the spa-property amenities which make you feel like royalty for a couple hours.

If not for Pumpkin Fest, do find a reason to visit the Princess in Scottsdale.


Bye, Friends!