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Radiohead cassette from prior to name change up for auction

Taylor Hill/Getty Images

An early Radiohead cassette is going up for auction. How early? Well, it’s from before the band was even called Radiohead.

Before adopting the Talking Heads-inspired moniker, Thom Yorke and company called themselves On a Friday. They recorded several demo tapes before getting signed to a record label in 1991 and changing their name to Radiohead.

This particular tape, titled Gripe, is dated between 1987 and 1988, according to the auction site Omega Auctions. It includes three previously unreleased recordings called “Promise Me,” “Body in a Box” and “These Are the Chains,” as well as recording of three previously surfaced songs: “Happy Song,” “To Be a Brilliant Light” and “Sinking Ship.”

Additionally, the cassette includes a red inlay card, handwritten and designed by Yorke.

The auction is open through January 26 via OmegaAuctions.co.uk. The tape is expected to fetch between 1,500 and 2,000 British pounds, or about $2,038 and $2,717 U.S.

By Josh Johnson
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