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“Rebels” A New Biopic based on Bob Marley’s Early Life


bob marley

There have been a ton of biopics out there about the passing of musicians, actors and artists but not one for Bob Marley quite yet. Until now.

On, they released the following statement:

“‘Rebels,’ a new film based on the early life of BOB MARLEY, will begin production shortly, thanks to a new deal struck by noted producer RUDY LANGLAIS’ GOLDEN ISLAND FILMWORKS, part of an unprecedented $125 million development deal with the CARIBBEAN island nation of ANTIGUA.

“Rebels” is a journey through the formative years of MARLEY’s music career when he was signed to JOHNNY NASH’s JAD RECORDS label, a company which also included mob associate DANNY SIMS. Never before revealed stories and music will show a side of the legend that few would ever imagine.

While SIMS rises to the top of the gambling world in the GAMBINO crime family in NEW YORK, and JAMAICAN football legend ALLAN SKILL COLE rises to the top of the international soccer world and island political underworld, BOB MARLEY struggles to escape the degrading poverty of KINGSTON’s most notorious ghetto, TRENCHTOWN. The three men meet and forge a complex friendship. As BOB’s career is launched, he gets embroiled in the underworld of crime, kidnapping and violence, as they force radio stations to play MARLEY’s music. The friendships swirl into ever more complexity, danger envelops them, until MARLEY gets shot, only to survive and emerge as a global icon for liberation.

GOLDEN ISLAND FILMWORKS has acquired the life stories of SIMS, COLE, NASH and DAVID SIMMONS, the men who signed, developed and produced BOB MARLEY. The company has also secured the rights to his never-before-released JAD RECORDS catalog in telling this previously unrevealed story.”

Hopefully they do the movie and Bob’s life justice. I’m curious to see if any of the Marley family is also involved in the production process but we shall see.


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