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Rick and Morty’s latest episode in FULL and MTV’s TRL is making a Comeback in Nerdgasm News!

Rick and Morty show me what you got


Rick And Morty Full Episode

Rick and Morty show me what you got

Season 3, Episode 2 of Rick and Morty aired last night but in case ya missed it, we’ve got it for ya, below!

MTV’s TRL is making a comeback!

Carson Daly TRL

It’s been just about a decade since MTV last aired Total Request Live, the “live” countdown that took place in the MTV studios overlooking Time Square. Well, if you missed watching 30 seconds of a music video then cut straight to Carson Daly talking to the crowd and his guests, you’re in luck! MTV has announced they’re bringing it back this October. A new studio is already under construction in the place as the last TRL studios but they won’t be bringing back our favorite dark-haired, painted nail leader, Carson Daly. Instead they’ll have 5 co-hosts including Rapper/Comedian DC Young Fly and Chicago Radio host Erik Zachary.