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Rivers Cuomo teases release of ‘Pinkerton’-era Weezer song

ABC/Byron Cohen

Weezer may be releasing a song that Rivers Cuomo originally wrote during the Pinkerton days.

In an interview with Guitar World, Cuomo was asked about the possibility of any celebrations planned for Pinkerton‘s 25th anniversary this fall. While Cuomo says nothing’s yet “been discussed,” he does reveal that he recently revisited a song dating all the way back to 1995.

“[The song] was written right around the same time as ‘El Scorcho,'” Cuomo shares, referring to the Pinkerton lead single. “It’s a song I never demoed — I never recorded it, but I had it written down, and I only just recently made a demo of it.”

Cuomo says the track is currently set to appear on Weezer’s upcoming Winter album — the final installment of four season-themed records in the works for 2022.

“But maybe we could put it out later this year as a little gift for the fans in celebration of Pinkerton‘s anniversary,” Cuomo ponders. “And maybe we’ll do some Pinkerton shows later in the year — it’s all up to the pandemic.”

Pinkerton, of course, is the infamous 1996 follow-up to Weezer’s 1994 self-titled record, aka the Blue Album. While initially a commercial flop, Pinkerton eventually became a cult classic, and is now one of Weezer’s most beloved albums.

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