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Royal Blood's Mike Kerr gets personal on upcoming album about "being lost inside your own head"

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Royal Blood‘s single “Trouble’s Coming” not only signaled a new musical direction for the band, but also a new lyrical direction, as well. As frontman Mike Kerr tells ABC Audio, he found himself writing from a much more personal place with “Trouble’s Coming” and the rest of Royal Blood’s upcoming album, Typhoons.

“I think this song and a lot of other tracks on the record follow this kind of theme, really, of psychological torment, really,” Kerr shares. “The whole record is really being lost inside your own head, which can be an incredibly scary place.”

That shift in lyrical style, Kerr explains, goes hand-in-hand with the dance-infused style of the new material.

“I think what I felt like gave me permission to sing about that kind of stuff was the tone of the music, ’cause the tone of the music was the opposite of that,” Kerr says. “It was uplifting and feel-good and dance-able.”

“It allowed me to kind of say all this stuff,” he adds. “‘Cause if you’re half-listening, it goes unnoticed.” 

Typhoons is the follow-up to Royal Blood’s 2017 sophomore effort, How Did We Get So Dark? It’s due out April 30.

By Josh Johnson
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