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Royal Blood’s ready to “crack on with an album now”: “I feel like this is album four”

Mike Lewis Photography/Redferns

Last week, Royal Blood released a new song called “Honeybrains,” and, according to frontman Mike Kerr, there’s much more material around the corner.

“‘Honeybrains’ is a sign of me saying, ‘Right, I feel like this is album four,'” Kerr tells NME.

In fact, Kerr’s ready to dive deep into a follow-up to Royal Blood’s latest effort, 2021’s dance-y Typhoons.

“I would like to just crack on with an album now, to be honest,” he says. “We’ve missed out on a lot of touring so we have to go out on the road, but I’m just going to keep writing on the road and see where that takes me.”

As for the material he and drummer Ben Thatcher have already written, Kerr describes the direction as “instinctive.”

“Even with Typhoons, which was more of a departure than anything we’d done before, it’s never a designed or premeditated idea,” Kerr explains. “We always just follow what we’re feeling at the time. Having just made that record, we felt the most free, secure and unlimited.”

“No thought went into [‘Honeybrains’] — in the best possible way!” he adds. “I wasn’t writing for any reason. I wasn’t trying to write a single or the next Royal Blood song; I was just making music.”

Royal Blood is currently on tour in Europe. They’ll launch a U.S. trek in April.

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