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Scott Weiland’s daughter Lucy recalls her dad’s love for Christmas with newly reissued holiday compilation

Rhino/Softdrive Records

In 2011, Scott Weiland released a holiday album called The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Over a decade later — and seven years after the Stone Temple Pilots frontman’s death in 2015 — the compilation has received the deluxe reissue treatment, complete with previously unreleased recordings.

Speaking with ABC Audio, Weiland’s daughter Lucy shares that she thinks the reissue would’ve been “very exciting” for her father.

“My dad absolutely loved Christmas,” Lucy shares. “That was his favorite holiday. It was always a big thing for our family.”

Aside from its stylistic sonic departure from his work with STP and Velvet Revolver, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year showcases a uniquely earnest and sincere aspect of Scott’s voice.

“I feel like he really put his heart and soul into it, just because it’s something that we all loved,” Lucy says.

For Lucy, listening to The Most Wonderful Time of the Year can be “a little bit hard,” especially since Scott passed away in early December, but it still brings her “a lot of comfort.”

“We like to listen to the album mainly on Christmas morning, ’cause that’s when we would be spending time with him,” Lucy says. “It just kinda feels like he’s there with us when we are listening to it on Christmas, as if he’s opening presents with us and celebrating the day with us.”

Upon the announcement of the reissue, a press release described it as the “first posthumous music to be released from the Weiland vault,” and Lucy confirms that there’s more material to come.

“There’s definitely some exciting stuff coming within the next year,” Lucy affirms. “I think that’s something that the fans should definitely keep their eye out for.”

The reissue of The Most Wonderful Time of the Year is out now.

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