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Shine bright with the Phoenix Zoolights


The most litty time of the year. Everyone disperses around the valley to see who can have the “Christmas Vacation” worthy lights display. Some end up tacky while others just make you green with envy but nevertheless we go look at them anyway.

Not sure when this tradition blew up to the standard we have today but it does keep things interesting. Each year I see new ways to give a classic tradition a modern flare to keep our attention.

Lights at the zoo aren’t exactly a new thing but the way Phoenix Zoo does it, it is!




The Zoolights display at our own Phoenix Zoo is your chance to experience the zoo after-hours with a Christmas twist. Honestly, being in the zoo after-hours is already pretty cool. We do it at ALT AZ for Roars and Pours sometimes. But for the holidays the zoo staff drag out MILLIONS of lights and set up incredible and thoughtfully made displays that wind throughout the entirety of the zoo’s campus.


Truly unique from any other way you will view holiday lights around the valley. Your favorite Christmas symbols are lit up alongside some more unique to the zoo like glowing koalas, giraffes and more! You can sit in your favorite animal enclosure- your furry/feathery/scaly friends may even be in there- while you listen to holiday music fill the air and even enjoy a drink too!

Multiple eateries will be open within the zoo during these hours along with gifts from the shop and stands on the trail.

Last year when I attended we did Cruise the Zoolights. For that, you take your car through the pathway inside the zoo to see the lights and turn your radio on to hear the music associated with everything. I was in my third trimester of pregnancy so that was a God send! This year however we got to walk through the lights and WOW! It is just something else entirely.

When you walk through, you get a chance to do animal encounters, ride a carousel, get up to the lights and take pictures, snag a picture with Santa but my favorite, is you can go at your own pace. Some people just want to see what there is and leave while others would like to go to the reflecting pond and watch the entire light show and then go sit in their favorite animal enclosure and eat popcorn. Different strokes, but when you walk-through you get a chance to customize your experience. It makes it more inclusive for families by giving kids the chance to release some energy.

The walk-thru light experience is going to be great for families with kids ages 2-10, a first date, someone who needs to shake-up their weeknight routine, or your typical Christmas enthusiast. It gets dark pretty early these days so you can go right when it starts to beat the crowd or funnel in later if you’re hoping for less children since it’s open till 10:30p!

This year the Phoenix Zoo is bringing you the chance to do both cruising and walking the Zoolights! Now through January 15th, you can WALK-THRU lights for $20 a person (on select dates) or you can CRUISE them for $75 a vehicle(on select dates that are opposite from the walking evenings.)

Do you or your child have sensitivity to high stimulation? Check out their special sensory-friendly night! You missed the date for this year’s but keep an eye out for next year so you and your family can join in on the fun.




If you’re going to walk around and look at Christmas lights, this is a top notch way to do it. Not only are there plenty of displays to look at (I think I probably even missed some because I get lost easily at night… oops.) but also they provide sub-activities to do fluidly across the whole property to keep the pace moving.If you think animals are cool and enjoy Christmas time I just don’t see how you could go wrong attending this.

You can get your tickets by clicking HERE.

Be sure to get tickets for the next ROARS AND POURS happy hours by clicking HERE and saving the date on your calendar! (Jan 20. 2022)



Bye, Friends!