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Shinedown teases 2021 release for 'ATTENTION ATTENTION' film & new album

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Credit: Sanjay Parikh

Since before the release of Shinedown‘s latest album, 2018’s ATTENTION ATTENTION, the band has been working on a film to accompany the record. According to frontman Brent Smith, the project will finally make its premiere in 2021.

“It’s about 90 percent finished,” Smith tells ABC Audio. “Some of the segue stuff we’re trying to iron out, some of the special effects we’re trying to look at, also.”

“This isn’t like watching music videos and there you go, this is a living, breathing major motion picture,” he adds. “In our opinion, in our genre — I guess, if you’ve got to categorize it — nobody’s doing anything like this. This hasn’t been done.”

In addition to finishing up the movie, Smith and his band mates are looking to submit it for film festivals next year.

“There’s about 300 right now that we’re getting ready to put in for submissions for 2021,” Smith explains. “No matter what, it’s coming out next year, we just wanna make sure that it has an opportunity to be seen at some of these festivals next year.”

By the way, the ATTENTION ATTENTION film isn’t the only thing you can expect from Shinedown next year. Smith reveals that the band is also planning to release their next album in 2021.

“Probably June, July of next year it’ll be released,” Smith shares. “We’re looking at probably a first single…I’m hoping by April, [you’ll] probably see a new Shinedown song, 2021.”

While you wait for all that, you can also look forward to the release of the debut album from Smith & Myers, Smith and Shinedown guitarist Zach Myers‘ side project. Titled Volume 1, the collection consists of five original tracks and five covers. It’s due out October 9.

By Josh Johnson
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