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Smell Colors and Listen To The Sounds of Jupiter in Nerdgasm News!

Smell o vision


Smell-O-Vision may soon be a thing

Smell o vision

There’s a Swiss Art School currently developing a sweet little device that let’s people smell colors called Bouquet. It allows people to smell the colors of the art piece they’re viewing almost like smell o vision! The device detects the color its presented and delivers a corresponding mix of fragrances through the cone shaped nozzle. No word on if this will become available to the public but I do know this is getting us closer to lickable wallpaper…. not those sheets of lickable paper I see on Etsy! I want the real thing… and I want it now!


Hear the sounds of SSSPPPPAAACCCEEEEE!

NASA has released the most eerie yet amazing audio of plasma sounds on Jupiter, that sound a lot like your old AOL dial up connection. Their Juno probe is currently exploring Jupiter and picked up these sounds during a close pass this past February but if you, yourself were in space trying to hear it, it wouldn’t exist. Because SOUND DOESN’T EXIST IN SPACE! The recorded waves are too high for the human hearing range so researchers had to slow down the playback in order to get anything. You can check out this 2 minute space sound drops of Jupiter below!