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Someday you will find me: Fans of Oasis cover band stuck in UK pub due to snowstorm

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

When Oasis sang “Someday you will find me/Caught beneath the landslide” in their classic song “Champagne Supernova,” this probably isn’t what they meant.

According to The New York Times, a crowd of people who’d gone to see an Oasis tribute band at the Tan Hill Inn in Yorkshire, England, last Friday night were stuck inside the pub for three days due to a snowstorm rendering the surrounding roads unsafe to drive.

Between the audience members, the Tan Hill Inn staff and, of course, the tribute band itself, 61 people were stranded. Eventually, a snowplow was able to reach the area on Monday afternoon, allowing all but two “young girls who are not confident to drive on the roads as they are” to return home.

The cover band, called Noasis, has since taken up the nickname “Snowasis.”

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