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Spring Clean Like a Rockstar

I hate to be the person to remind you of this but it’s time to do the cleaning you’ve put off. Before this whirlwind summer is underway you need to get your life reorganized. Nothing ruins summer fun like not realizing all your floats needed to be replaced before the party or tripping over months of clutter just to get something out of the closet.
I understand I’m a little weird for enjoying cleaning as much as I do. For most people it takes a little motivation. I didn’t always like cleaning! I started cleaning differently and that changed the game for me. These tips are gold.

Break into manageable bits.

Looking at spring cleaning as a whole can be overwhelming. So we will follow what I call, “pie theory.” No one looks at a pie and thinks “I’m gonna eat the whole pie!” Right? It starts with one piece.. then another… and another… then suddenly the whole pie is gone. That’s what we are doing with cleaning.
Be realistic. You’re not going to do the whole house in one day. Decide what you can finish in 3-4 hour sections of time. Every 3-4 hours take a 30 minute break. Pick a task or a room and go from there.

Have a great playlist.

Time flies when you’re having fun. The ALT AZ app can help you get through your day of cleaning! ALT music is the perfect combo of throwback and new tunes that sound different enough that it constantly sounds like you’re switching genres.
Of course you can make your own playlist or find one too. Keep the songs upbeat, bonus if you know the words and can sing along. I spend most of my cleaning time using the spray bottle as a microphone. Set the tone for your day with the music you love.

Make sure you hit these spots.

If you’re going to take the time to spring clean then do it right. Make sure you actually hit the spots you avoid during the year.
The junk drawer, your closet drawers, the garage or sheds and a big one people forget about- your walls and baseboards! I clean my walls and baseboards throughout the year so can avoid a day of it but I won’t pretend there aren’t some junk filled closets in my house!
The sense of satisfaction you’ll get from FINALLY knocking it out will be reward enough for the time it took. Sucker someone into cleaning with you that day. If they help you clean your garage, you’ll help them with theirs!

Have snacks.

Maybe this is just me… but several times I’d say I’m going to do a day of cleaning and then come around 2p I’ll be starving. So I take a break for food and that break turns into one long enough that I don’t return to cleaning that day. Snacks will save you from the break that turns into the end of the day.
The best snacks for a day of cleaning are ones you can eat on the go or with your fingers. Fruit, nuts, popcorn. That kind of stuff.

Label everything.

You’ll thank yourself later for this. Label everything! From the boxes in the garage to the leftovers in the fridge.
Labeling is a good habit to into. It not only makes daily tasks quicker but also will make cleaning more quickly in the future!
Sharpies will work but a label maker will make labels that are easily read, consistent, and are removable.

Giveaway, recycle and throwaway piles.

Sometimes the worst part about cleaning is the mess it makes! While cleaning out the nooks and crannies, things get dragged out to the middle of the floor.
There is no avoiding that part of the madness but if you make the madness a little more organized it’s going to save you a lot of time later.
Giveaway, recycle and throwaway piles. Giveaway should be organized by clothing donations and larger ones that will have to go specific places.
Recycling should be broken down as you go. You won’t want to do it after all the cleaning is done. Throwaway.. well you know.
Probably the only time when cleaning that you’ll be encourage to just throw stuff into a pile in the middle of the floor. Enjoy.
Where does the time go? And the bigger question, where did all this stuff come from? Pine Sol is in the air which means spring cleaning is among us.
Don’t avoid it any longer. Enjoy more of your summer by worrying less. Good luck getting order restored in your home!